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Stefan Ranđelović says:

I speak Serbian, English and German 😀

Andy 01281 says:

So cool! The day in Office was so Boring, i saw that now i feel better 👌👌thanks

PureGeeks says:

Awesome 🔥 I’m also living in Germany and have Greek roots especially cretanian roots. Wow I love y’all it’s how my holidays are every time🙏🏻 Nice content ❤️

P. Herrmann says:

you live in germany for years and never saw gyros? you can buy that everywhere here xD

Maze95 says:

It called "güros" not gairos….damn

Nici says:

Such a great video 👍🏼

Christoph Korth says:

Gyros Pita… Beschte!

Erni Bert says:

BTW gyros and döner mean they same thing : to rotate in greek and turkish.

Manuel Bieneck says:

You must go to Iguana Beach in Agioi Apostoli its the best beach

Tamara B says:

I am also in greece/ crete rn, but I'm in Plakias on the Southside. Its so nice here 😍☺️

Face mcShooty says:

Raki ist kein Likör Kate und Silas. Es ist Schnaps aus Anis und haut euch um. 😀

Automaten Kinder says:

You must be very desperate … flying Ryanair 🤦‍♂️😂

elias SEIDL says:

Every Single time when you're saying Döner i understand donut.
Am I the only one? Nice Videos… keep going! Let's Gooooooooo

vicky Trent says:

OMG I hope that im going to see u i am Greek and I'm in Greece 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Red Alert says:

So it's official now? Gyros wins all? I'm fine with that.

Chris Koutsouflianiotis says:

I am FROM Greek and greek is the best you have to try zaziki and gyros at the same time

RX 2904 says:

No. I think you have a giant fear of crashing, Kait. The flying is not the problem. 🙂

RX 2904 says:

"Ok I really need our boarding passes right now". Hahahahaha! That was such a classic wife thing to get you to stop fooling around. She should have said "Ok, cut it out and get on the plane NOW!"

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