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Family Vlog | Family Travel Vlog Part 1: Lots of Buttons in the Cockpit!

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In this family vlog series we are going to be sharing our most recent family vacation! We headed off to Texas to attend Joseph’s brother’s wedding and also got to spend some time on the lake with his parents. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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Beverly Chervier says:

can u please tell me how old your beautiful daughter Alexis is.

Arazo Isabella Doyenne says:

😀 I love travel videos! Yay!

Marie Taylor says:

You are absolutely right! The TSA pre check is definitely a stress reliever because those other lines are always too long. Safe traveling guys and enjoy.

sheldra wormhoudt says:

Oh my we moved to Lubbock when I was 10 from Hobbs NM. I recognized the airport! I hated Lubbock. Sandstorms etc.

isas dance says:

She's weird 😂

N Babin says:

alexis's hair is beautiful. and so is yours. what products are y'all using now?

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