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Family Travel with Colleen Kelly – Switzerland Part 1

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Colleen Kelly uncovers quintessential Switzerland, family style! Starting the adventure with a scooter tour in the town of Arosa, Colleen joins area families at a cheese factory to learn about one of Switzerland’s most well-known culinary delights. Her exploration continues in the Aletsch Arena area, where she meets an expert to learn more about the largest glacier in the Alps and a Unesco World Heritage Site. To get a bird’s eye view of the area, Colleen tests her bravery and leaps off a mountain on a paragliding adventure… what a way to see Switzerland!

Colleen joins a family snow tubing down a glacier! It’s a fast slide down to the bottom, but the thrill is well worth it — check that one off the bucket list! Last, but not least, Colleen accompanies a family on a tour of a local chocolate factory where they not only learn about the addictive Swiss treat, but also are able to make their very own bars of chocolate to take home. You can’t ask for a better souvenir!

Part 1 of 2.

Learn more-http://familytravelck.com/episodes/switzerland/


Harpreet s says:

For this million of cows were killed

Shahla Anjum says:

My eyes are unable to absorb so much beauty all at once.

Kumara Perera says:

My,son, going

seemabbutt says:

Which month is this?

Asad Zaman says:

Thank you so much for making this video. Expecting more beautiful and attractive video.

Colleen Kelly says:

Hi all,
I appreciate all your comments even if not so positive (it's okay). But Switzerland was amazing and every corner I turned looked like it was out of a movie. Thank you all for your positive comments! It isn't always easy when editors pick the best shots and they aren't what you (personally) would pick as your best shots.

I'm on television but a real and down to earth person (and was shy growing up so this is amazing to me that I am even on tv)!
I hope you like the show but feel free to send me comments etc. I would love to connect with you all!


Mohammed Kamal says:

Switzerland is beautiful right why allot bad comments Switzerland is beautiful

channel weekly says:

send more e mails that look like Colorado

Josh Jones says:

I bet they were like can I get some water?

Pascal Erb says:

Hi Family Travel Great Video, looking forward for more

WesternIndia NatureTours says:

u should come to India as well.

ray bon says:

Not for those mountains. Who knows how many 100 s of armies governments movements migrants you name it would pass through there. And turn it/ into an urban industrialized mega populated dump. Problem is …those mountains stopped human migration of any type cold preserving for 1000s. Of years.

breadfishe says:

i just want to walk out in the grassy swiss planes and never leave

Zalza Anggraeny says:

sbhanallah , lar biasa

Jenny Widmer says:

Why are here so many hateful comments?!

Gefa Duro says:

Don't go there, the people are horrible, just the most awful bunch of miserable assholes you could ever not wish to meet. The most boring place and the saddest angry cunts in the universe!

SharabiJattAK47 says:

@24:28 you said that long after getting out of multicultural collage. PEACE

SharabiJattAK47 says:

@17:03 your reaction was same as when you lost your virginity. HaHaHa

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