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So Chris and I have dreamed of moving South for a few Years now and we are finally ready to make it happen! After 7 Months of research we have decided on South Carolina for our new home and we couldn’t be more happy! A year goes FAST so while Chris had some time off work we decided it would be a great idea to road trip on down to get a feel for the area! Since my Dad & Family are in NC we got to visit with them and meet my Sister for the first time as well!

* I am a Mom of Three! My two oldest children are on the Autism Spectrum.
* I married my Best Friend 7-11-09.
* My nationality is Native American.
* I have extreme ANXIETY but I’ve learned not to let it run my life.
* I’m passionate about keeping the Enchantment in my marriage, home & Motherhood.
* I lost over 100 pounds.
* I believe the most important relationship we have is with God and ourselves.
* I am a proud curvy girl.
* Empowering and connecting with other Women gives me so much life! Please come be my Friend.
* I loveeeee Coffee + Lipstick.

Lets Connect:
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/The.SelfLoveMom/



The Self Love Mom says:

Let’s be friends on insta! 💓 https://www.instagram.com/curvymommyglam/

Charlie Grei says:

Hi, Columbia is the best place, try Rushes, I’m a new sub, I’m truly inspired by your channel. I’m a mother of 3 girls, would love to chat with you!

Debbie Oneil says:

Thank you for this video my husband and 12 yr old son are moving to SC in a few weeks to be with my daughter and 3 grandkids ..we are excited but definitely scared ..

tamisha garner says:

Hi I just subbed thanks to Carla Mackenzie …I worked at a high school in the cafeteria..close to Chapin and down the road from the w almart you went to in balletine sc..the school district is great over there.. also in Lexington district 1 where my daughter goes.

blkbutterfly58 says:

“Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning”…much love from the Upstate (upper part of SC-Greenville/Spartanburg)!

LifeAsBrittany says:

Goodmorning…! Awww roadtrip… 2 1/2 hours yes I know y’all are tired..! Yessss South Carolina… that where I’m from! I love Zaxbys, Dairy Queen, and Fatz! That’s a nice room…! Y’all would love SC..I think it would be a great move.! Lol A Mug lol…! I get what you’re saying about the vlogging..! Awww pretty picture..! ❤️❤️❤️

Lynn with2ns says:

New subscriber here from South Carolina! Hope you and your family will like it here, we're laid back and I'd like to think full of southern hospitality.

Jennifer Atkinson says:

Welcome to SC!! Go gamecocks! 🏈

Carla Mackenzie says:

Welcome to SC girl!!

itsjammin says:

New subbie and follower on IG! Had to subscribe after watching your lunch idea video for picky eaters 👌😊 probably going to binge watch your channel now haha.

The Makings of Cinnie says:

Aaaayyyeee!! Welcome!! If you come to Charleston, SC we have so many great restaurants it’s hard to choose from! One of my favorites is Toast! I vlogged is going there for my Grandmas 90th Birthday! Check it out!!😘😘😘

The Makings of Cinnie says:

Ayyye!! Welcome!! If you ever come to Charleston, SC it’s so many great restaurants to choose from!! I’m telling you! One of my favorites is Toast! I have a vlog when we went there for my grandma 90tg birthday!! Check it out!! Great food, awesome prices!!😘😘😘

maribel mercado says:

Hey girlfriend I enjoyed your vlog and seeing your family ❤ looking forward to more!!!

LeeleeRNY says:

You will love SC I’m from Charleston but moved to Baltimore for my job. And my sister and other family live in Columbia SC so your gonna love it. Wishing you and your family nothing but the best.

Naomi Rose says:

This looked so fun! I need a road trip in my life soon. Hope you guys found some good areas! I don’t think you can get much better than a Walmart next to a homesgoods, lll!

Jen Blauvelt says:

You will like SC… I just relocated to Charleston last September and it's been great!

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