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Family Travel Tips with Katilette – Packing for a Family Trip | The Mom’s View

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Packing your bags for a family trip can become very stressful as a parent! Did you get everything you need?! Is everything ready to go?! Join Katilette as she explains her packing process for her and her family, as they prepare to leave on a family trip!

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Ellen Henderson says:

it doesn't matter how clean your house is, expecally if you have a busy schedule, all you have to do is find time after everything is over. and if it's not your house don't worry about it. but if it is just don't stress yourself out expecally if you make YouTube videos

Nora Elizabeth says:

This helped so much I'm going to Florida in a few days and I always forget something thank you

Nora Elizabeth says:

This was posted on my birthday

Lauren Random Forever says:


Sweet Spot97 says:

Something that helps us pack is to put all the kids outfit for one day into a zip lock bag or som sort of bag to just pull out and dress them. We also put any accessories in the bag to. One thing different is that we just have one bag for all the underwear and socks. We have all the shoes in our main bag and toiletries too. Hope this helped. :)

Brandon Brooks says:

How did they Shaytards start

Sydney Fimbres says:

7:19 was so fucking adorable?

lily mcilwee says:

hay im going a tip for a week in a half

Patiance Gardner says:

In going to New York

FAMtastic Voyage says:

Great tips!

Hannah Melani says:

I might be going out to Texas next summer to visit my biological family. I haven't seen my biological grandmother since 3rd grade, my biological mom, aunt and grandfather since kindergarten, and I've never met my cousins. I'm in 8th grade now.

Girls Life says:

My mon have The same bag but black

Ameta Vanar says:

Where do your children study,if there travel a lot.

Taylor MacLean says:

I'm going to Florida in like 5 months

Mia Johnson says:

Omg that was so cute when daxton asked for a bottle

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