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Family Travel Packing | What’s In Our Bags?

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This is what we packed for our trip to Asia.

Countries we’ll be visiting: Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand

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eversman says:

Are you going to post any videos of the trip? 🙂

Jerick M. Tarongoy says:

great video. Peter whats tha name of the music you use in the first epsiode of transiberian series =)

Daniel Farmer says:

Dope vid! What kind of bag is your carry on?

Sakeeb Kamal says:

it will be a nice trip! waiting for some great videos!

THOR2029 says:

Have a great and safe trip, i wish you the best on your trip overseas. Looking forward for some footage

RockaRecord says:

Patty is so gorgeous

Matthew Palanca says:

woo! so exciting

kelsisco says:

What a beautiful family!

Ella G says:

Great video, good luck on the travels!

ItsaRandomista says:

Omg your family is so cute!!! Did you make a vid of your house yet? It looks so good!

GetLostwithJohnny says:

Safe and good trip to Asia 😀

russtex says:

Looking forward to your trip! You sure know how to pack much better than I do!

Jasmine Sundar says:

You guys are such a beautiful family ❤️❤️❤️

maria556587 says:

You have a lovely wife and kids! I’ve been a follower ever since the mexico on a budget trip and that’s what got me info traveling.
Wish you the best and a safe trip, all the way from Portugal 🇵🇹

neato kiddo says:

Very boring. Really good quality.

Efron says:

Yay peter! Always happy seeing your vids on my sub box!

coll een says:

Great Video! but also…..can't get over your wife's hair!!!!! she is such a babe! <3

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