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Family Travel, Flying, Fun, & More!! (Lycoming Balloonfest Vlog 01)

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James Dunn says:

What a crew! πŸ™‚

Atlantic Film says:

Song at 3:50 is Hold Up – Fashion

AV8R Tom says:

Your family is too adorable Eric! You are quite blessed! Have a fun and safe adventure!

Vertical Lines says:

He's Got the Best Life! Β 
Bless ya Eric…..

Chick Hosmer says:

I absolutely loved this story! Thank you and your beautiful family.

ROD GUNN says:

Eric just a question coming from the U.K. don’t the children have to buckle up in the coach .
We would get a ticket for not having them secure. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Dustin De Salvo says:

Yo what an amazing beautiful family you have!! The next time your passing thru North Carolina let us know. My friend lives like 20 minutes from I-95 in Pink Hills NC. And would let you guys launch from his farm. He also has a ppg. And for the future if you look up skydiving facilities I’m sure there’s a bunch that will let you launch from out of there airports. I know you passed three just traveling thru North Carolina. Keep living the dream!!

DBartWest says:

Wonderful. Nice trip.

Moto Fly Guy says:

hell of a trip. I think I'm going to buy a small rv for my trip down. probably the cheapest way to do it.

Phillip Birch says:

exellent…Elouise stole the show eric

Craig Taylor says:

Fantastic! Was just fantastic! Lol. What else can ya say.

Gunter says:

You have it made Eric, lovely RV, beautiful kids and your wife is gorgeous. Enjoy your family time!

Cory Robin says:

Love seeing the fam. Miss you guys!

Edward Kie says:

Eric, you are so close to where I grew up as a kid (I'm almost 70 now) Vestal Center isn't all that far away in New York.. your daughter with the huge bunch of golden rod about cracked me up!! Too funny! No allergies in your family !!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane this morning ..awesome !! Your kids get to learn so much .. your son floored me (I've got some samples) !!!πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ Looking at his shoes was absolutely precious!!! Loved it !! Blessings and thanks Ed in Phoenix writes πŸ’œπŸ™

009to090 says:

Eric! You need a new channel…. the AviatorFamilyShow. πŸ‘πŸ‘

TheChad says:

I liked the video but I'm surprised Eric drives with a seat belt but his wife and kids don't wear one.

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