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Family Travel exploring Siargao Philippines

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We finally arrived in Siargao Philippines! We have been waiting to come here for a long time and are so pumped to explore the local culture!

Our current favorite travel vlog from Siargao Philippines:

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And for sure… we are excited to start tasting all of the local barbecue, especially chicken. I don’t know what it is about the chicken here.. but it is UNREAL.. so good.

So in this first vlog, we explore the cloud 9 area, watch the surfers, go for a long scooter drive (the best thing to do in Siargao) and then check out what seems to be a hot spot for barebecue.


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Hi! We are Heather, Bradey, Alexa and Chloe.
We are raising our kids to face their fears, to step outside of their comfort zones and to try new things. Family travel is the best way we know how to do this.
We want to inspire others to travel with an open mind and to see that it is completely possible to travel and fly with kids! Traveling is one of the best things we have ever done to strengthen our family, and to open up our minds about how big this world is.
Thanks for following along 🙂

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นก นก says:


Alexis Jethro Calambro says:

New subscriber here .. Love your family notice me thanks

LaGalaG143 says:

Nice vid sir..i recomend samal isaland sir theres some beautiful places there…the nxt time u go in. D ph…god bless.

jet tandan philippines says:

Siargao🏝 cloud 9

gandang juvy ang probinciana says:

I love your vlog

ilham Am says:

Waitting for exploring Indonesia😊

Japp San says:

I miss being kid. "Mud splash and that was best day ever" ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Ruth ville says:

Chloe and alexa are soooo cutee and adorable ….😍

Vhing Serrano says:

ohhh…they are amazing , god bless ur family😇

Pedro Oliveros says:

At work, I keep my TV on your vlogs. Your adorable kids' smile and antics make me smile. If I can turn back time, I should have done the same (travelling to the Philippines) with my young son. As usual life gets in the way. Now I have the time and the money, my son has graduated and moved away to Seattle. Hopefully, next year I still can drag him to the Philippines. But the innocence has gone. I hope he will find Philippines magical.

Elijah Dame says:

Cute..i wonder she become famous oneday….great

Dexter Diaz says:

Sir pls, dont ride a motorcycle without helmet with your 3 beautiful ladies of your life, is so dangerous…just rent a 3wheel motorcycle and 4wheel for your safety…💖💖💖

Francis Albert says:

Good thing the kids enjoy rural life in the Philippines. They will cherish this experience forever.


road to 50k subs?

ged deecee says:

Hug amd Kisses for Alexa and Chloie,,mwahhh!!!,,,enjoy!!! and God Bless!!!

Roselio Palma says:

This Family is really jolly and fun to watch their travel adventures and the kids are full of excitement to watch too! I have so much fun to watch their kids!

Rocky Alvarez says:

It's amazing your oldest daughter looks just like her mother, also careful those filipinas don't steal your youngest daughter lol they practically worship blond white babies. ask any filipina what kind of baby they want and they tell you white and blond hair blue eyes lol gee wonder when in history they got that idea

Janjo Murillo says:

i smiled the whole time while watching the vids….kids are adorable.!!!

Nikki Bernardez says:

Love your fam vids! Would really want to have an adventure like this with my fam someday. You should visit more places up the north of the Philippines. There’s a lot of great places (beaches, historical and more) to visit l. Try Ilocos like La Union, Vigan, and Laoag.

Michelle Jimenez says:

Very friendly baby ,nice hair also

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