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FAMILY shares CONCERNS over our TRAVEL lifestyle

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Timestamps below,

Are we selfish parents for traveling with our kids? Are we setting Georgia up for failure? Do we have a backup plan or a plan B if all goes wrong? Just some of the concerns and questions family has been eager to ask so we thought we would sit down with Jazz’s sister and hash it out! Hope you enjoy the chat 🙂

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Our Curious Georgia

1. 1:46- How did family initially react to our overseas plan?

2. 3:04- Did family have legit concerns about our wellbeing?

3. 4:02- Did the ​family’s attitude change the longer we were away?

4. 4:54- What’s our 5-25 year game plan?

5. 7:35- What is our backup plan? Do we have a plan B?

6. 8:39- What is the end goal that we hope to accomplish?

7. 9:14 – Are we setting Georgia up for failure with our lifestyle?

8. 11:16- Can we still teach Georgia great values in life by staying in Canada?

9. 12:45- Why not stay in Canada so Georgia can have a closer relationship with cousins?

10. 17:14- Would family live our lifestyle if they were given the chance?

11. 18:53- Are we selfish for traveling with our kids?

12. 22:24- Are we selfish for removing our kids from their extended family?

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our Curious Georgia says:

Hey, everyone, BONUSSSSSS VID!!! We squeaked in a little extra footage this week as we filmed this chat between Jazz and her older sister 2 days before we took off for Thailand. This may give some of you who were curious a little clearer view on family's take regarding our nomadic lifestyle. We added timestamps in the description box above so you can skip to topics you find more interesting…Hope you enjoy 🙂 See you next week!

Quay Adventures says:

I've followed your channel since the beginning and I thought this chat was so honest and open. I live in Greece but was born in the UK. Work dictates that I am in the UK during the winter months, but the rest of the time living and working in another country that I love. My observation is that Georgia is so rounded and polite and aware – and I honestly feel that travel brings that and so much more, no matter how old you are. Appreciating differing cultures and seeing nature in different countries is one of the most enriching experience imaginable. As you guys say, society says you must have the 2.4 kids, the house, the car etc – but, like me, many people don't want that choice and won't be as happy. If you are happy in that life, then great, but I know plenty who are not, but fear prevents them from changing their life. Equally many want to see the world, experience places and people and live each day in a different time zone or region. Both are fine – as long as you are true to what you want from life. I actually believe that if every child was forced to travel the world at the end of school, for a year, see different countries, before adulthood, by law, we wouldn't have the problems we have in the world now. Travel and adventure are so enriching that way – it shows in Georgia. it is great that you have such a stable family environment at home, but can teach her so much more. This realisation has come to me late in life, for many reasons, so personally, I am so glad you both have that option but even better that you can pass that on. Best wishes to you all and keep going until your old and give them the opportunity to lead that life as well, or to be rounded enough to stay at home if they decide to 🙂

The Wallace Reboot says:

Love this guys! Such an honest and real conversation. I love their relationship though, the last couple seconds cracked me up. Hope you guys are great and loving life! Gonna head back up for the lantern festival? You've got a place to crash. 😉

Jody Fitzpatrick says:

Your family misses you dearly💕. You're living your dream and I feel lots of people would love to do what you're doing, but they are afraid to just take the leap of faith 🙏…but I understand your sisters view, I would miss seeing georgia every day in real life..😥
minus facetime
It's your life, so live it your way..

Defiantly Darling says:

More structure please. I bailed 4 minutes in.

Isabelle Tornhult says:

Go Jazz! Love you guys and good on you for living your dream even though people around you might not agree. Thank you for posting this!

Stick In The Sand says:

Last bit your sister said — nail on the head — all the heat is insecurity.

Andi Thompson says:

I think you can live only an hour away from family and not bond. We have family that live in CA and we are in Or….and their view on family are much different than mine. Perspective 🤷‍♀️

Freely Clothed says:

Omg this was amaZingly edited !!! U gets deserve soso so many more views !!

Jessmaki0116 says:

Oh man her face when you said home school 😅😳

April Casinial says:

I dont want to be rude to your sister but she represents "Indoctrination" your children are citizens of the world.

Sandra Nezz says:

From someone who is on the far spectrum of your life. I am probably your parents age and have 2 amazing children one married : 26 & a half the other nearly 22. We worked more than the 9-5 in Oz from 20 to 30 years old . Long shifts overtime and weekends to give us the stable life the 4×2 house paid off and debt free when the kids were born. But we still did the trips we longed for too. When they were born everything was on hold as we saved for travel . Yes we worked did the daycare and grandparents care thing …had loads of trips along the way thanks to cheap flights from our city and my love for frequent flyer pointS and super cheap on line sales …anyway what I want to say is I wish I had the courage to do what you two have done . I know from the many trips overseas that we have done as a family how that has educated our kids . It has given them the love of travel made them accept other cultures and they way they live . Now as we think about our next stage of life we too want to travel even more widely, explore and embrace the rest of the world . This time as a couple . What you and Sean are doing is amazing . Keep adventuring and cherishing every day with your beautiful girls . You are doing what is right for you right now

Kellie Brady says:

You have raised the smartest most well rounded little girl I’ve seen aged 3. You are doing you right! So many people look up to you and wish that they had the guts to do this!

Donna Michaels says:

Lets go back to Vietnam! I like it there! Georgia I am with you! 🙂

Emma Jane says:

I think your family need to have faith in you that you’ll do the best for your family and you’ll make sure your children see all the extended family regularly. 😊👍

Miriam Yahushua says:

Live below your means. Setting her up for failure. Go 6 months and stay for 6. Having a plan. I think you made a good choice to go and nobody can make plans for you accept Father and Mother. Not even yourself. What happens happens. Deal with it when it happens.
You sister doesn't understand. People are jealous of that lifestyle. They would want it but are scared to leave it all behind. They don't want you to succeed. Then they can say…see. I told you so. You're children would be stronger then other children and they can deal with life better. Selfish? No. I'm a traveller to. The eyes can't see if the mind is blind

peeweecoco says:

Also, my hands on parenting during that time probably gave my son a stronger ability to learn. He was SO advanced. When I watch Georgia I see him. He could swim and talk very clear at a very young age…he was constantly being taught by me, who always had his best interest at heart. We have always been close because of the experience and I wish I had stayed and given him that for his entire childhood. The first time my son swam he was 8 months old. My family was having a stroke LOL…but he was doing it. We pretty much ate the same way you do (I still do to this day) His daughter was 6 months old at her first swimming lesson. She is fabulous at 7. He has been teaching her what I taught him. It continues on. There is no normal. There is one life and you get to navigate the whole thing. I regret changing the course of my life. Whatever you decide together you will come to the answer between the two of you. You'll know what feels right. Nothing you are doing is selfish. Its fabulous…I was there. I was you Jaz…. I did it too. KEEP GOING!!

Braless and Bananas says:

OMG so many triggers for me, so much to comment on. But I'm still not all the way through.

All I can say so far is Jas, you are an inspiration. You have excellent communication skills and articulate your points so well. I, on the other hand, am the opposite! But I guess that's because my family is so dysfunctional I've not been brought up in an environment where we communicate clearly and concisely. Something I'm trying to learn!

When I went away as a solo traveller I barely spoke to my family because I wanted to be so far away from them in the first place 😂

I get your sister's and families concerns because my family think the same and for me I did plan to do the 6 months away, 6 months at home….but then I spent over 6 months (it's actually been 3 years now) and I feel like this is too much to live in a western society.

I think your sister raised a valid point about Georgia functioning if you weren't around…but children are very flexible and malleable that I don't think it will be an issue.

You're setting her up for, what I believe is, the ultimate lifestyle. Most kids don't even know how to use banks so to have your own business and travel the world I don't think she will miss out on any important skills that she would learn in Canada…because you're showing her skills that most people have to figure out by themselves once they leave school.

I see school as a place to brainwash and conform. No true individuality and no real life skills. You're living life. Different to the majority, sure, but the children of these people will be watching YouTube and will be aiming to do what you're doing.

The shift is happening. You're setting an example. You're leading. They will follow.

Be proud of that. ❤

peeweecoco says:

Can I tell you a story? First, I turned 60 in October. I had a pretty free spirit when I was young. Now, I didn't leave the country but I decided to take my child and move to the beach in Florida. I was a little scared. And, the whole family was worried sick over it. I was determined to let my child have my love of the ocean. And, I just went. He was pretty little like Georgia. I went against what my family thought was safe and right. I moved 14 hundred miles from home. And, they were all concerned. So concerned that they kept me a little frightened at times. My son and I had such a gorgeous life there. And, we were happy. Finally, I was persuaded to come back home. And, I cried all the way. He was 4 1/2 when we left and he remembers every moment of it. Swimming, learning to surf, riding bikes on the beach…all of it. Georgia is NOT too little. She will remember. I look back at 60 and KNOW coming back was one of my biggest mistakes. We were so happy. I folded to family concern and pressure. My son is 40 now with a 7 year old daughter and they GO on adventures. And I fully support it. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW. Do everything your heart desires. I tried. And, my son remembers. He says it was the happiest part of his childhood. xo


keep the fire content up! sub + like 😁

Tom Boy says:

Am on Jazz' side. Live and follow your dream. I wish I can do it. Now looking back….am too old now. Too old….too late…too regret… 🙁

Brynna Salmon says:

This was awesome, not that my opinion matters, I think what you are doing for Georgia and Lake is amazing. Travelling the world only does good especially for children, you aren't setting them up for failure, you are giving them experiences that even though they may not remember, they will forever cherish. It is so much better that you two are with your kids full time, experiencing the world together, outside in nature.. compared to you two going off to work 9-5 and them being in childcare. Keep doing you!

Tropical House Travels says:

I’ve said this before, but you guys are pioneers. One thing for Vietnamese Americans like me to go live there, but for you guys to do this shows true courage and open mindedness.

michelle shay says:

Jinti fell said something on her Instagram the other day that really struck me. Childhood isn’t preparation for life. Childhood IS life. We spend so much time as a society focusing on what we think is normal and what we think we should be doing that we loose sight of what’s really important in the process. For some people the proverbial hamster wheel works, but for others it doesn’t. And like Jaz said what everyone values is different. I don’t think I ever fully understood this until we started homeschooling our children. People thought we were crazy and didnt understand why we would even want too. But honestly it’s been the best decision we’ve ever made. And rather then push my kids in a direction that society dictates they should go I want them to have the freedom to explore their passions and what makes them happy. Anyway this was a very honest and beautiful conversation to watch. Just from what I’ve seen with Georgia I think she is the most adaptable, smart, and happy little girl. She will have so many advantages in life because of what she’s been exposed to and parents that were there and present for everyday of her life. When she is older she will have the confidence to live her dream because of what you guys have given her. Same with baby lake. That is the biggest gift of all you can give your children. Kudos to you two. I think you’re doing an amazing job and I look forward to being part of all your adventures. 😊

Victor Sandoval says:

I understand that your families would have concerns because they love you so much. But I also feel that Georgie is such a very blessed child to have the life you are giving her. You are both great parents . I'm 58 years old and I wish you were my parents! 🙂 Do what's in your heart and you'll be fine.

Lara Cizek says:

Nice guys, some good questions was very interesting to hear the concerns from your family.

Julia Renfro says:

I wish I could take my babies abroad and show them the world!!! You guys are amazing for doing this with your kids, I honestly believe George will remember many things from now, she is so smart!!! 🙂

DC says:

You did an amazing job enlightening your sister ( i would havr gotten so defensive). Well done!
I agree so much with your view point. We also left and traveled for 3years before kids. Now I'm trying to figure out how to make it happen WITH kids because I see what an amazing impact it would have on them. Lastly quit putting yourself down about how you "ramble". You are amazing at explaining things and that does not equal rambling.

Kelly Mah says:

I really liked this video! It was very real and raw (like all of your other vids, why we love ya) and honestly this is EXACTLY what my sister will be saying to me when we move overseas. I loved how Jazz handled it, I am 100% on her side with every point. I don't blame your sister for this mentality because most people think this way, but I don't understand why the "best" scenario for children should be to stay in their hometown and be conditioned for a life of working 5+ days a week working their lives away for this "promise" of retirement when in reality it is not promised AND why is this something we all have to follow or we are frowned upon? People are so brainwashed in to thinking this is the only way that as soon as you venture away from this even a little bit you get hit with every reason not to do anything different than what everyone else is doing. Like your sister said she thought you were going to live in a straw hut or whatever with sand so basically any opinion they have is literally bc they just don't know- and when people don't know enough about something they think of it as a bad thing for example *cough *cough veganism! Nothing wrong with spending 24/7 with your kids at this very precious time instead of dropping them off at daycare so you can work to pay off your house and cars and quads etc etc… I am rambling and low key ranting. Love that you're living your lives, Georgia is super lucky and will reap the benefits of all the education there is in the everyday of world travel! You can tell she's thriving! Keep doing what you're doing. Edmonton will always be here! (And will pretty much be the same as you left it) 😉

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