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Family Holidays in Dubai | Emirates Airline

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Make memories that last a lifetime on your next family holiday. From tranquil beaches to thrilling theme parks, Dubai has so much for kids to enjoy! #MyDubai


Criticz says:

Your the best

張進炎 says:

I love Emirates,


Love Emirates

Petr Sojka says:

Airline EMIRATES DISCRIMINATES heavily disabled passengers. I'm disabled and need special tools necessary for everyday life (stomic aids, can not be without them, hygiene etc.) Airlines Emirates refused to transport these aids free of charge and wanted to charge 540 euros for 10 kg overweight. Mr Trejbal,   Area Manager | Emirates Czech Republic  causing  great  problems (material and psychic problems). The  past best airlineI Company in the world is behaving like a heavily physically disabled person, perhaps it is just a mistakefmade by anindividual person who is sitting ion the wrong place. Prague-Bangkok, Prague- Colombo I am looking for help to make it happen again I would like to contact the management in Dubai but I can not get a contact, it will always end in Prague.

Hammad Khan says:

I love Emirates very enjoy play is holiday location map's

Nimmy Anand says:

Wow excellent Dubai holiday

Ziane Belhout says:

Amazing dubai 💗thanks emirates 💗

Premium Channel says:

Bangkok is more of a destination for me 👌👍

Hicham Mje says:

Emirates are the best

Ngọc Bích says:

Fly Emirates(Start Alliance Member)

Vaseem konnola Vaseem konnola says:

i Iove Fly Emirates

тахмина оматбекова says:

Круто. 😍😍🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ мы тоже хотим там побывать…дай Бог чтобы мы тоже там оказались 😃😃🤩🤩

Y S says:

عندما تجد الكرم وحسن الضيافة تذكر انك فى ديار زايد الخير ولا تنسوه من الدعاء له بالرحمة والمغفرة اللهم آمين

OmNor Douja says:

Love you dubai

Niha Shareef Niha Shareef says:

Wow!I want to visit Dubai.Very nice video.But my Father is working in Saudi Arabia.😞


saechin won says:

굳 모닝!

Click bait says:

I only fly emirates best airline 💕

ismail ja says:

Love you Dubai and emirates aviation

All Mix Sadanwali says:

Enjoy With Emirates


50TH view
By the way love DUBAI from INDIA

Sachin Chavan says:

Love emirates

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