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Hey guys how are you all?.. In to days vlog we go on holiday as a family to Cyprus, it was a very long day with all the traveling and flying!! hope you enjoy this video please like and subscribe, dont forget to BE YOURSELF!! My store https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/nickbouldingvlogs?noCache=true

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Dillie Billie says:

Cyprus is so nice and the holidays are fairly cheap its GREAT

Sean Furey says:

great vlog just subbed

Jane Quick says:

Hello I'm quater r greek my nan is full greek and my and my sister are quater greek and my mum is half greek cyprus is such a beautiful place I have not been there but I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go there again

Maryam G says:

Anyone from Limassol?

Albert Boulding says:

Me nick my dad, my mum , my sister and my other brother is going next week! See yall guys there!

ellie says:

his teeth made me sick

Ghost777 says:

Cyprus is ok but I think a little boring but it's beautiful.

Semra Esra says:

How the hell do people have enough time to eat a meal before a flight?!! I go to the toilet for 5 minutes and have to run the whole way so I don't miss my plane

Eva Tselepis says:

I m going on Saturday cuz I am half greek and my nan and grandad live there my auntie build a villa and it has a pool thank god cuz it's like 30 degrees not trying to brag

hopefullyholly says:

Wait is your sibling a girl or a boy, cos you said your sister but she/he was wearing like boy swimming trunks and all that, not saying girls aren't allowed to wear that but she looks like she/he could be mistaken for any gender so, love the blogs but I'm just asking xx❤❤promise this isn't hate just curious xx

Thanwa Saif says:

At first I thought the lil boy is a girl 😅

Katie Winstanley says:

I go the Cyprus 3 times a year, we go to Coral bay and it's an amazing place, I recommend going to the 'Samisen' restaurant, it's amazing👌🏻🇨🇾

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