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I hope you enjoy the first of our holiday vlogs, we are currently in Croatia with Neilson who are an activity holiday company specialising in water sports as well as on land sports such a tennis, fitness classes & mountain biking. This is our 8th Neilson holiday and we just love them!


We have decided to change from weekday uploads & will now upload vlogs on a MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY.

MRS MELDRUMS videos go live on a TUESDAY, THURSDAY & SUNDAY so there will still be lots of content to watch 🙂 lots of you were struggling to keep up & this will help keep Mrs M nice & relaxed in her pregnancy & when the new baby arrives.

CAMERA WE USE: http://amzn.to/2qkuz8b
Go Pro we use: http://amzn.to/2qJzLnb
Tripod we use: http://amzn.to/2pP98Z5
Music we use: https://goo.gl/vNbUUy

Main channel – www.youtube.com/MrsRMeldrum





Reb – http://instagram.com/MrsRMeldrum
Lee – http://instagram.com/MrLMeldrum



We are a young family living in Scotland, Rebecca is originally from North Yorkshire but has lived in Scotland since she was 11 (hence the accent) Lee is Scottish through & through.

We have 2 little girls & are expecting our 3rd little girl! Both girls love nothing more than being outside adventuring in the beautiful area of Scotland we live in.

Mr Meldrum had recently given up his offshore career & is loving getting into Youtube & being a stay at home dad.

On this channel you can expect to see how we spend our days, with lots of our morning, evening & bed time routines shown, what we eat, when & where we go shopping, how we enjoy spending time together as a family & all our family travels & family holidays! As well as lots of behind the scenes footage of a youtube family.

Thanks so much for subscribing & sharing our journey with us! We really appreciate every single subscriber, comment & thumbs up – dont forget to come & connect with us on Facebook & Instagram too 🙂

The Meldrums x


Molly Hepburn says:

Omg I'm going to be staying in that exact place! We are going next Saturday! I'm so SO excited! I love Neilson holidays.. I've been to Greece and Turkey with them already, and now Croatia this year!

My Happy Ever After says:

Ahh I'm only just catching up with your holiday vlogs! Looks gorgeous ☀️☀️💗

Phoebe & Me says:

Only now catching up with your vlogs, it looks bloody idyllic there, super jealous! 😍 loved the music in this too! 👌🏻 xxx

emilylikessmakeup says:

Looks like you're having a wonderful time! Such lovely footage xx

MACY MOO says:

Looks like you are having a great time!! is it half term in Scotland ? xx

mollie dowsett says:

Love your vidios and look toward to some more holiday footage

MadHouseMadness says:

where is it your staying? it looks stunning. me and my husband are planning a trip to Croatia this looks like the perfect spot! x

Shannon Dunn says:

I have finally caught up on all your videos on this channel! Yay! Life just got me behind. But it's been so nice to watch so many of your family vlogs back to back. Best wishes on a happy holiday. It all just looks so lovely . . . 🌊🌞🐚🌺

Laura-Simone says:

I absolutely love your vlogs! Your family are so bloody adorable 😍 Please may I ask if you have anywhere you would recommend to get music for YouTube videos please? Xx

The Perks Of Being A Mother says:

Fab vlog! You got some amazing footage and looks like you are having an amazing time ❤️ so so jealous! I'm desperately saving to take my little family on holiday xxx

Wildyk886 says:

Love this type of vlog and when you end it and say goodbye its so much better! Have a lovely hols x

Living Mirk says:

34 weeks pregnant & wish my holiday was in my favorite place – CROATIA. Definitely bringing baby boy to meet my grandparents next summer. Enjoy!

Nat Vlogs says:

I always have a smile on my face at the end of your vlogs 😍 so heartwarming and lovely. Can't wait for a family holiday like yours!

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