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FAMILY HOLIDAY FUN!! (two days in one)

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Love Bug says:

I absolutely L💜VE you!!!!!!!!!

Holly B says:

I have subscribed and turned all my notifications on for all 3 channels.

Barri Lloyd says:

nice vid by the way i've got all three notifications on

Lola Emery says:

I just love your VLOGS!!!

i Vlog says:

notifications are on i got your book yesterday xxxxxxx

Isabelle Johnston says:

Omg I live in rye

Caitlin Louise says:

how do you get the red out video cause I'm gonna do it this year

Kyra's Slime says:

Early squad like and comment!

Abi Bla says:

early squad where you at also please bring YouTube boyband back!!!!🙏. leave a like if you agree!

Maria Castellanos says:

loving the vlog

Niamhy Potter says:

Imagine Alfie being cast as Harry Potter and Zoe and Ginny or Alfie being Ron and Zoe being hermonie I would love that! X

Caitlin Johnson says:

Love your videos Alfie ❤️

Sophie Levy says:

Now I can't wait for the Easter holidays!! Chocolate…. Yum

Bianca Barros says:

12k views in 10 mins love u Alf

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