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Essential Travel Packing Tips & Hacks for 2019!

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We’re sharing some of our basic & essential packing tips, plus our lessons learned from a recent trip to Portugal & Spain, and the items we wish we’d brought, and a couple of things that we used almost every day.

Packing for a trip varies from person to person, by destination and climate, and by the length of time you’ll be on vacation.

In this video we’re talking about quick drying clothing, compression packing cubes, food and snacks, luggage options, and more!

We hope you find the video helpful and that you have a great time on your next trip 🙂

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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Erin Beyer says:

I put my list and a copy of important info folded in the bottom of my bag in an old card from my mom … with my name on it and the papers are inside the card ..in the envelope … doesn’t take up space … and doesn’t draw attention from any one going thru bag …..

KiwiBanana says:

Good run down

T L says:

hm.. nothing new i learned. been packpacking for 5 years now and i learned after 1 year that its smarter to just bring a backpack than a luggage

Petra Pan says:

love this video. i`m a fulltime traveller as well and i think your tipps are all super helpfull and great that you are vegan as well… german greeting from new zealand. happy travels!

Richard Todd says:

My query as well, no cell phone, features @least twice, or is it just a cool “we don’t own cell phones” sale

Nuruzzaman Shaon says:

who noticed that the shirt were made in Bangladesh.?? check it in 5:22

Anne Bialecki says:

Mobile phone is a compact device that can hold digitally all our documents. Trip It app on our phone has our itinerary, all the local restaurants, ATMs etc, photos of our hotels and reservations, and Google Maps to find our hotels and landmarks. We use What’s App to connect with people back home, sharing our photos and stories. We also use Google Maps on our phone as our alternative GPS. Family and friends can call us to chat or Face Time. XE Currency app checks exchange rates and Apple Wallet holds our document bar codes – no need for paper. Taxi Fare Finder makes sure we’re not being overcharged and You Tube on our phone helps us research our destinations. Also, the airline can message us when they grant the upgrade we’ve requested.
Our mobile phones are essentials in my husband’s and my travel possessions.

Audrey S says:

No cell phone? That's amazing. I can't live without it.

Reva FoSho says:

Great tips- I especially loved the reminder about using HappyCow to find where all the groovy veggie folks might be hanging out!

Marta Carrasco says:

Hi, from Portugal 😀

Ruby Benedict says:

Can anyone link the blue backpack they have?

Rachel M says:

I pretty much keep my suitcase permanently packed! You have to store those things, and my vacation wardrobe is basically completely different from my everyday clothes, so I don't need any of it! Plus my soap-bag is ready, I take a small travel iron, so I don't have to rush around last minute, just a quick check and I'm done! Always feel a little smug watching my husband pack the night before!! 😄

- Mike says:

Meh, hippies.

Lass-in Angeles says:

Excellent, thank you!

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