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epic japan holiday for cheap | £258 return flight | vlog 1

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Everyone loves to talk about how expensive Japan is and so I thought it would be a great chance to flex my money saving muscles and rustle up an epic trip of 10+ nights, a bullet train tour of Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto and a lush last night stay. Oh, and let’s throw in going at the PRICIEST time in the Japanese calendar – cherry blossom season!

secret flying facebook: https://www.facebook.com/secretflying/
secret flying website: https://www.secretflying.com/
£25 off booking.com: https://howmanyholidays.com/2018/01/23/one-quick-tip-to-get-25-off-your-next-stay-with-booking-com/
hotel habituel: https://www.booking.com/hotel/fr/habituel.en-gb.html

what is how many holidays? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foOGmiMBbzI&t=16s
blog – https://www.howmanyholidays.com
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facebook – https://www.facebook.com/howmanyholidays/
the stats – https://www.thetrainline.com/news/britain-spent-a-total-of-178-billion-3-418-per-head-in-2016-holidays


iAnasMD says:

I only get upgraded if my dad knows the pilot 😂😂😂

Niamh Browne says:

To get upgraded you have to arrive late. They’re not going to give you an upgrade if they have a chance of selling an upgrade. But if almost everyone is checked in and they have some space in first class they might have some good will an upgrade you

Sarah Prentice says:

1:00 how you say bullet lol

Cheeky Sparkles says:

I'm planning my trip for Japan next year and it's turning out to be very affordable 😊👍 I'm so excited for your vlogs!

Film and Thoughts says:

Great personality, very affable

peetabix says:

I think that today, free upgrades don't happen on airlines very often unless you know someone who works for the airline. Upgrading you for free costs the airline more money they are not going to get back.

But i'd like to be proven wrong.

Daley says:

I also got on that deal. I don't know how you guys feel, however my Aeroflot flight was one of the worst I've ever taken. All worth it in the end though.

richardpatrick32123 says:

The only time I was upgraded was strangely when there was a very full flight from JFK to LHR. I (and the friend I was travelling with) were called to the desk just before the flight and asked if we would mind being upgraded so that they could seat a young family together. Of course we reluctantly agreed 😉

Dimitrios Potsos says:

Upgrades have just happened for me. I'm usually pretty chatty when talking to people, especially the cabin attendants. Ask them where they're based, that sort of thing. I keep an eye on which seats aren't filling. I then just ask them if I can swap. Never been said no to for that. It's not to first class, although I have had that upgrade as well (via a friend who works for an airline), but it's more leg room and not a middle seat.

The chatting bit also landed me like 8 beers on one of my long haul flights back home. I had no intention to drinking, but this one flight attendant insisted I try one of the beers as it was where she was from. She kept just bringing them to me, it was quite an experience.

peetabix says:


But seriously, found your channel recently, great stuff. 🙂

TomboFry says:

Looking forward to this series, Japan is my next go-to! Ticked the notification bell 😁

Andrew Stubbs says:

housemate James ahaha

DoggoMan says:

so you'll get upgraded if you dress smart??

Saragraph says:

Well, I know what site I'm going to frequently visit now.

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