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Ending Soon: Costco Travel Deal to Bora Bora

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Costco has a deal ending on 9/24/2017 for Bora Bora. Is it worth it?
[ Blog Post ] http://bit.ly/2fojiAV
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Pete Skeet says:

Very helpful. Yes, more of these videos, please!

Manny Freshh says:

Dog is back on top of rubics cube

Michael Madden says:

I would like to see more travel videos. If possible it would be nice to see cheap travel videos. Thailand, Cambodia, Portugal, Columbia etc etc. Can you focus more on area's where we will receive the most value for our dollars? I now have the Chase Sapphire Reserve due to subscribing to your channel and will be spending 2 weeks in Chiang Mai Thailand. The points were great for the airfare. If you have tips for Air BnB that would be great as I am still shopping for accommodations. I cannot speak for anyone else but I am more interested in cheap trips than high end luxury resorts. Thanks! Keep posting and I will keep watching!

1sikx3 says:

A video on maximizing your dollar's worth to Disney's Aulani resort would be super helpful.

Davish Lamburnt says:

More like this. Had no idea this kind of thing existed.

Sonam Tsering says:

Yes, these are very interesting and informative. Keep them coming. Thanks as always Sebastian.

Hikaru Toda says:

I, too, would also like to see more travel "deals" videos. Just don't forget to still do credit card ones obviously. Most people are here looking for credit card vids and not travel, but many of us who regularly watch your channel wouldn't mind seeing something else that might save us some money. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Toby NG says:

FYI,if you have the executive member ($120/ year) + costco CitiVisa then 2% + 3%= 5% cash back

Liqi Zhou says:

Soylent Nectar is the best flavor they have.

andy minier says:

Great idea for video

7rucus11 says:

Thanks for the video I found it useful

Orie McIntosh says:

This was good. A source like Costco travel is something I would completely overlook. Additional videos like this occasionally would be good. Especially for long haul destinations outside of the U.S.

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