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EAT | Tips for Your Vacation Food Budget

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Taking a trip with your family is always a memorable experience. But feeding a family three meals a day plus snacks can cost a lot of money. Here are some tips for keeping your food budget in check, while on vacation. Subscribe for new recipes every Saturday!!http://bit.ly/sub2moms

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that_slytherin _witch says:


Jaecee Hale says:

0:00 meg is really creepy

Olivia Gram says:

My parents way of saving: meals made up of dollar menus from fast food places.

loveamericangirl says:

“Cocktail power” 😂 Avery is a cutie

Talk with Taylor says:

At 3:01 when Avery says “cocktail hour” I couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂😂

Stacy Byrd-Everett says:

The camera moving was too much.

Bryn Bailey says:

It was so cute when Avery said “cocktail hour”!

Skyler Crimson says:

Avery is so much younger

that girl 9095 says:

I love how averey was like cocktail hour with her sass

Grace Norville says:

We went to Michigan a few years ago and we only ate snacks out to eat

Eden Dogwolf says:

What if your in an all inclusive

melanie w says:

“Cocktail hour” 🧡😎

My!ChemicalDiscøtrash says:

3:00 LMAO 😂👍😍

Alliyah Hernandez says:

"cocktail hour"😂😂😂 who's watching in 2018

Lily Smith says:

Why is EVERYONE saying cocktail hour!?!

Reese Bowman says:

OMG I loved it when Avery said “cocktail hour” so much like she was older than she is

caceylol103 msp msp says:

Avery said "cocktail hour" 😂

Corgi Butts says:

The comments

99% Avery saying- Cocktail Hour
1% Other random stuff

Arwen Guardado says:

I hate waiting o

Aneesa Cortez says:

About to be 4 years ago can't believe it

snapgirl 101010 says:

the beach she is at that's the beach I go on Fieldtrips

Scout Kennon says:

"cocktail HOUR." <3<3

Olivia Gram says:

My mom used to always bring foods on vacations so we get to have more fun with stuff not food

Hannah Schaffer says:

What we do to save money on Vacation is to not go out to eat more than once or twice. If we go more than that we try to pick cheap restaraunts

Kate Smith says:

“Cocktail hour” avery is so cute😂

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