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Hey guys! So my boyfriend and I went on vacation together for the first time outside of the country with our best friends and it was sooo much fun! We went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and we had a blast, I hope you guys like this travel vlog!

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Genesis says:

go to Puerto Rico you’ll love it!! I am from there and it’s similar to DR it’s amazing 😻🇵🇷

Derek Punaro says:

I love the vlog!

laughii15 says:

Hey, whats the name of the resort?

Maria & Kimberly says:

Joey should drive a little careful 🙄

lesly Q says:

wow I love in love Amanda😩💖 you & Joey are seriously the cutest! I love your personality🤩

Gabriela Beato says:

i remember my mom taking me to resorts for my birthday since it's in august (summer time) and i'm telling you, they celebrate your birthday your whole stay even if it passed days ago xD man i love my country <3

elsiemelgar92 says:

You need to make an all spanish video!! loved the vlog! 🙂

Gabby Gonzalez says:

i was not expecting to hear exo so when i say i had a stroke oh my god

Olivia LM says:


cindy genao says:

yesss I love the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 I’m Dominican lol

Diana Friends says:

Do a boyfriend tag!!!

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