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Dog Meets Newborn Baby 👶🐶Full Time Travel Family

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Dog Meets Newborn Baby 👶🐶Full Time Travel Family Our dog Bear is meeting his new baby “brother” for the first time. We wanted to share the moment they met. Also wanted to share how Bear has been doing since there is a newborn in the house.

Things seem to finally be coming together and Landyn is developing a bit of a schedule. It is incredible how fast they develop and start to find a rhythm.

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The Freedom Theory says:

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Nancy Wolfe says:

That baby sure is a sweetie. He is very interested in the "TV" so concentrating on it. I had not seen that baby carrier that you had Lanydyn in. That is so neet. That is such a good thing. I love it. There weren't things like that when my kids were baby's , 50 yrs ago.

LovingAtlanta says:

👍Awww too cute 😍
Bear was like “I don’t know about this, no I’m not gonna shake on it yet” 🤣
I’m glad Bear & baby Landyn are adjusting well. Such a blessing.🤗💞🤗

Melissa Hames says:

Love those cheeks he looks a lot like your older brother

Coral Webb says:

Bear is such a good boy 😍 he was always going to be accepting of Landyn,he has such a beautiful nature.
In Landyn’s side profile he looks more like Josh but you from the front profile, I can’t believe he is already 6 weeks!

Jonathan Hawes says:

I got my shirt! Thank you for sharing . . . although my wife will probably beat me from bringing yet another t-shirt into the RV, at least it isn't red! That is a different issue. Thank you for sharing your family time, the baby, and little Bear. The adventure is just beginning.

Merry Goin' Round says:

Omg..love, love this video! Landyn is such a cutie! And those fat little baby thighs..lol. So cool to see Landyn's expressions of amazement and to hear him cooing…so precious! Looks like Brother Bear likes the smell of mommy's milk..lol. So so happy to see y'all doing and feeling better! 😄👪💞
P.s. love all the natural light through the windows..y'all have made a beautiful, cozy and loving home❣

Bri Kawa says:

Oh my gosh! Landon does not look like a newborn what a big beautiful baby!💙👶

karuna says:

Suggestion – think twice about Bear being 'above' the baby. Know what I mean?

Linda Drew says:

Baby is so cute. Glad he’s doing so well

Julie Ericcsan says:

He is beautiful! My daughter enjoyed tummy time on Daddy's tummy, which helped them bond as well.

susan sereikis says:

That is the best place for him, skin to skin with mom. You seem to be doing so well. I’m happy for you.

Big Daddy & Bubbles - Full Time RV Life says:

Two adorable kids (Landyn & Bear)… and they are doing so well… Congratulations !

Theresa A says:

Aww, his so so cute love his name. Love them bounces seat. Landyn loves looking at that. It’s raining here in Ohio too. I want some warm weather so bad. Bear said “ oh mommy 😍 love him , i won’t hurt him. He said what did i do mom ? I just bark because his cute.

S Robinson says:

So fun watching the video! About the previous comment…when my son was a newborn I would only keep him in a diaper because it was so warm out, now, looking back at all the photos, I wished I’d put him in the many cute outfits he was given so that we could remember them all 30 years later. There’s always 2 sides to every story, so you do what’s best and right for your situation! He is such a sweet boy and love seeing Bear almost act like another child! Super cute together!

melissa weyrick says:

Landyn is growing like a weed!! Glad that Bear approves of his little guy.

Jessa lyn - vloggin rv life and pets shenanigans says:

Been waiting for this!!! Yayyyy!!! Love all the windows in the rv! Look at bear. He did good with his baby brother !

Lori Ruby says:

I sat thru this whole video with a huge smile on my face !! Landon is such a cutie and has a sweet smile 😊😊❤️ Bear is doing awesome too 😊😊❤️!!


O this is absolutely adorable!! Baby's are cute, puppies are cute, but babies and puppies are just a combination made in heaven 🙂

Mary Larabee says:

You look more rested than in the last video. Landyn is getting bigger. Enjoy every moment.

Alicia Larkin says:

Hello freedom speakers. Why the baby never have a shrit on? He's too small I no that's your baby

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