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DIY Holiday Room Makeover! (Cheap & Easy!)

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It’s beginning to look A WHOLE LOT like Christmas! But seriously though why do stores start selling Christmas decor in September, please tell me? Todays video is DIY Pinterest, Unique, Aesthetic, Cute Christmas Decor Ideas! I pretty much tried making an orange garland, cotton ball snow fall (THAT RHYMES!), a few diy ornaments, a pine tree garland and the best ever is my photo of judy garland! Honestly I still cant stop laughing at that pun. Anyway, hope you enjoy it! If you create any of the DIY’s featured then please send me photos or tag me in them! 🙂

DIY Geometric Ornaments: http://bit.ly/2AlRbe5

Reindeer Print: http://bit.ly/2zzdkSv

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_knolletje_MendesArmy_ says:

❄️❄️ You're making The best video's!! I'm your biggest fan And I love your style! Keep up The good work And you are worth it!! God bless you🙏🏼💕

BridgetsBudgetBeauty says:

Great video, such fun and creative ideas! ^_^ Also, I think the geometric ornament looked good (and I understand how difficult it is to explain because I made some really large ones I hung from my ceiling but I couldn't explain how to do it, it was a struggle but worth it in the end)!

Key says:

I loved these! So unique and cute!

Shaina M says:

Love this vid!💕💕 for the next one do winter/Christmas outfit ideas!🎄

Nicole says:

all of these diys are so creative and original!

Emily Jones says:

Also, next video idea…what about your fav vegan Christmas treat recipes! 😊🌱

Emily Jones says:

Hi Kayla! What is your favorite way to make someone’s day?

Heena Amir says:

You're so pretty 😍

Ashley Mariani says:

Love this!!!

Blanka Kohoutková says:

Great idea with the snow fall! I will definitely try it out ❄❤

MKA Baltazar says:

Good job!! I love the orange garland the best tho 👏🏼♥️

FoxHerra says:

So cute loved this so much! ❄️ If I were a Wizard of Oz character I'd be the tin man 😂

Zya J Seith says:

What is your favorite essential oil? (mine is thieves)!

Phoebe Whitaker says:

I love the floral bulb ornaments!!!

Tmnt Mikey says:

Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday because it makes me feel reeeaaally good inside

Diane's Place says:

A Christmas video idea I have is things to do during the winter/winter bucket list of cheap or free things to do.

Diane's Place says:

These are so cute and very unique!! I love the snowball decoration ❤

Samantha Brooklyn says:

❄️❄️❄️Loveddddd this!!! I was Dorothy in my wizard of oz play:) these are adorable oh my word!!!

Jecorian Grande says:

In target rn can’t wait to have cotton ball snow flakes

Emily Hall says:

Also quick question how did you get the snow falls on our ceilings in order to let them hang xx❤️❤️

Lucy Wilson says:

This is a great Christmas video!! Thanks Kayla, much love ❤️❄️

LexieMarie Xox says:

Yassssss Christmas!!!💕💝❄️❄️❄️❄️

Anabelle Mook says:

I love this video!!! 💘☀️💋

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