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DIY Holiday Gifts! Cute, Easy, & Cheap!

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Abby V says:

Your soooooo pretty

PastelFrightmare says:

I tried making a t-shirt with fabric glue and glitter and when I washed it, all the glue just stuck together into a big lump.. It kinda sticks together, if I crumble up my shirt… I mean, I can pick it apart and wear it just fine, I'm just confused, that it's still sticky, after drying…

Hannah The editor says:

At 0:33 what is that song called ?

Lexus Bruce says:

Can you put the sweatshirt in the washer and dryer

Tiffany Caron says:

Dip your stick… Lol

Rhonda McCrae says:

He sings in the back rounds though 💟

Georgia Rose says:

Who’s watching this in 2017?

Hazel Maydiy says:

How is watching in 2017???

Kazuki says:

Anyone watching Remi's old videos in 2017?
I know, I am! 😁😁

Eliza DIY says:

You are weird

courtney michelle says:

August 2017

Alicia Fischer says:

what is Michaels??

IzzyPlayz says:

YOUR SO KAWAII ^///^ ^.^

GirlinAHoodie says:

im sooo doing the Coaster one!!! i love it awesome video and Amazing DIY!

Leianna Chung says:

there is no Walmart, target, Michaels or any craft store where I live

Karen Baxter says:

Can U just wrap up your dog and send it to me. No other gift required. REMEMBER EVERYONE ADOPT AT AN ANIMAL SHELTER because the dogs R just as cute as this one.

Isabel Lontoc says:

Wow im seriously gonna make all of these

yarazed alcauter says:

it did not work !!!!!!!!!! boooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is A joke says:

When she said my arms really flew there I flew my arm and I hit it on my door

Beatrice Lopez says:

im watching it in 2016

randomness 101 says:

Who is watching in 2016 because they are so excited for Christmas?(And because lover Remi!)

Maris Rios says:

new subscriber here… awesome video thanks so much for sharing these great ideas. x

Ava and isabell Sky family says:

I'm making a candle for my big sister and I'm only 8

Derp UmWell says:

I just got here and I'm in love I love how your so Confident I wish I could be like you

Jaylynn Bergquist says:

Have a great day every one and don't let any one tell you different, believe in what you dream 🙂😄😃😊😎

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