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DIY Holiday Gifts! Cute, Cheap & Easy!!

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Nikki Beckmann says:

Why am I here it's March lol

Unique Mckelvin says:

i loe the photos on your initials diy

Arial Davenport says:

I don’t even have to watch your videos to like them❤️❤️❤️ I love you so much😘😘

Yolanda Antero says:

Thanks for sharing .. I literally just got home from buying tiles at HomeDepot to do diy coasters with fabric but I like your idea better!

Heidi Nicholas says:

I couldn't find anymore Christmas videos and you saved my life!!!

Callie Chudy says:

Stop saying like SO girl😂but good diys

hoseokaka says:

Last year it was cvs, this year she's did hp sprocket. What an upgrade

ᖴᖇEYᗩᗪᗩᑭᒪᗩYᗩ_ says:

These gifts are so cool. I will try to use one

Cella Sena says:

who else I'd getting this neutrogena mask thing

Upside down Toaster says:

I think she ate the things she made

Chloe Schaefer says:

Where can I buy a wick?!

Olympia Myers says:

awee your soooo cute ❤❤😘😘

Sarah Cote says:

How tall was your letter ❔

FanGirlAlmighty says:

Made in am?

Bubble Sisters says:

I'm subscribed!!! YASSSS

Helen McAdory says:

My ten year old loves your videos

Khampha Oudomsack says:

love it🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Portia Has Stuff To Do says:

Your gift ideas are horrible it's not a DLY there for to make your room cool

UnusualDream says:

you make me smile every time I see you 😊

Josie Decourcie says:

no afence but u look like Karina garsia😎😂

Selene Tapia says:

The coaster one!!!! 👍

Jenny Santos says:


Dori Charles says:

My mom made those costers and put our school pics on it

Berwin and Ryza says:

Literally a cork board. 😂 Hi Remi.

I'm-perfectly happy to be me Michelle says:

Love the Christmas tree one diy the best going to try….
Great for young people and those that don't have a ton of money and want to decorate can do a larger scale one.
Love it all! and the beach sand one. You do such fun DIYs and us older ladies can mixem up a little. Thanks for sharing!!!
Happy Holidays!
Glad you got away from your crazy neighbor. lol

Diy Taryn says:

What video editor do u use

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