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DIY Destinations (4K) – Thailand Budget Travel Show

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Episode Detail: http://www.diytravelshow.com/thailand
This episode will feature the best of Thailand has to offer, covering the Krabi Town, Koh Phi Phi, Chiang Mai and Bangkok. We’ll also explore Southern Thailand, including the local exotic foods in Krabi Night Market, the magical Bamboo Island, Maya Beach, Money Beach and Mosquito Island and Pileh Lagoon. We’ll ride our motorbike to Emerald Pool and famous Tiger Cave Temple. We’ll visit the Northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai to visit the famous temples such as Doi Suthep Wat Phra, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Chediluang Varaviharn, Wat Pha Lat, Phae Gate and famous night bazaar market. We’ll also venture out to see and climb the famous Buatong Sticky Waterfall. We’ll end our episode in Bangkok and showcase its New Year Eve celebration, world famous Khao San Road or Backpackers Ghetto, Talin Chan Floating Market, Flower Market, Wat Pho Temple, Chinatown and ending it on night up in Skybar.


Kimo Surfer says:

Great vlog…lots of info. What is your camera…it is beautiful videos

Mayank Garg says:

Hey Man!!! Thanx for sharing your experience. Great video. :)

Jack Lim says:

great video by the way! I am in Chiangmai this week – hope to visit the Bua Tong Waterfall :)

Kent Nguyen says:

I love your video 🙂 very interesting 🙂 Like , Subscribe & thank you for it.

GILKS81 says:

I really enjoyed this! Thank you so much for making and sharing! Love from Edmonton! :)

Alex Cortes says:

she is beautiful !

thaynamite says:

Yeees Man ! Actually i watched 24 min , but so far i can say you´ve done a great job .I´m a long time TH tourist and been nearly evrywhere in this nice country actually doing a walking vlog about Pattaya . Go on and never stop with that good work, cheers thaynamite :)

Gavthai says:

Does it not do anyone else heads in that this guy says krabi WRONG ????

MyBigAzzPimple says:

thank you for sharing your experience with us all.. I am traveling to thailand in April 2017 and I will definitely share mine soon..

Tony Ng says:

Phi Phi island is beautiful but the behavior of getting money from tourist really kills the joy. I cannot accept that you got to pay 400 baht just to land your feet on the beach. That is a kill joy.

Mohammed Monirul Islam says:

DIY Travel Show please me about the camera name and model you captured the video

charmifamily says:

hi jm your new subbie i hope you can sub back thanks ?

TONG SO says:

Thanks for your safely,inexpensively and easily to travel for discover destinations. I like your way. World does not wait for your visit but discover destinations by diy.

TONG SO says:

감사합니다..대단히 좋아요..절약 안전 그리고 쉽게…^^

TheComment Thai says:

27:06 you were right that bottled water so low quality

กรรมตาม คนโกงชาติ says:

Very nice. Thanks


this is the worlds best travel show.could u plz tell how much was your total exp.in thailend trip,I am from India and can I visit thailend with 1500$ including flight fare.?

Matthew O'Connor TV says:

great video mate:)

Maria Abarca says:

Wow, your content is rad! 🙂 subscribed. Hope you could sub too :)

Alessandro Rattazzi says:

This is amazing!
Love it!
Looking forward to your other videos!

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