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DIY Destinations (4K) – Egypt Budget Travel Show

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Full episode guide: http://www.diytravelshow.com/egypt
Welcome to Egypt, we’ll discover in this episodes the best of what it has to offer, safely, inexpensively and cheaply. Including the famous the Great Pyramids of Giza, Hot Balloon for sunrise in Luxor, Karnak Temple, exclusive interior of Abu Simbel, Philae Temple and much more. We also gain a rare access to the Western Desert, including White Oasis and Black Oasis, all shot in 4K resolution. We’ll also cover all the cheap food and getting around on public transportation.


Kai Cruz says:

I'd like to visit this wonderful country and try their food.

Bart MB says:

what Date did you arrived to cairo? thanks

Sunshine Yildiz says:

Thanks for uploadingβ™₯️ love this

Chee Keong Goh says:

Thank you so much for your wonderful video series! I am planning for Egypt trip after watching your video!
I am from Singapore and I enjoyed solo travel. I would recommend you doing a video on Iran, the Persian empire. I was there solo travel last year and just like Egypt, this beautiful country with nice and hospitable people are painted by the media as dangerous and unwelcoming…It would be really good to see your video do justice to such countries ???

Stuart's travel videos says:

Great informative video! I still have mixed feeling about visiting Egypt (specially Cairo). Perhaps one day when I feel more comfortable…

Eric Dehart says:

Absolutely fantastic shows man, you rock~! I have done a fair bit of backpacking and love meeting adventurous people like yourself on the road.
The quality of your video is amazing, what kind of camera and equipment to you use?

goba goba says:

an amazing video thank you and welcome in egypt

yasir arafat says:

how much you spend in Egypt? I am planning to visit there

Latasha Muhammad says:

Thank you so very much for this video!!!! I will living in Cairo for a while…I'll be studying Arabic at a school there. I'm very nervous but mostly excited! I really appreciate you showing me how it might be when I get there.

Where can I get the names of your tour guides?

PhantomPanic says:

I am way too afraid to go over there. It has also been one of my dreams to see Egypt. THANK YOU so much for this HD video! It must be the next best thing.

Ahmed Attia says:

Hey Man thanks a lot for visiting Egypt and this is amazing video <3 . Come again and i will pay the price of the trip xD

TONG SO says:

Thanks a lot for your Egypt reasonable tour. Thumb up. ^^
It'll help me when I visit there. .

Awaken My Love says:

I would love to visit egypt!

Katina Rodriguez says:

Great video! I'm planing a trip to Egypt in March and I was wondering when you went to Luxor did you do any tours with a company or you just went to the historical sites by yourself? Also how much did the hot air balloon ride cost you? Did you book it with your hotel or online?

Philip Li says:

What do you bring in luggage? Carry on only?

Biking Phnom Penh says:

Really nice video.I have just subscribed πŸ™‚

Guhan Rammohan says:

Excellent, Appreciate your effort, Great Video and message came out well. You many days and nights did you stay in Egypt?

Jiani Wu says:

I really liked your videos. Very useful tips and advice. I'm off travelling to Egypt soon. Do you have any advice on solo female travelling in the country? What's your observation? The streets and environment seem pretty safe in your videos.

Victor Medina says:

I like your video but it is too long. maybe you should separate episodes. And think about a "wind resistant microphone" (or a better one). greets from Chile!

melas says:

Egypt is great! Greets from Poland!!!

Hamza Hashem says:

I am Egyptian living in the US. I just wanted to express my gratitude and admiration for how much work you had put into this video that I LOVED!! I also loved how you gave the locals a chance to be heard and send their message out. I also appreciate how much you showed that it is safe to travel on your own all around Egypt. This is a great advertisement for the country and tourism. Next time, you need to check out the beaches and cities on the Red Sea. Thanks again πŸ™‚

1HarryH says:

Amazing Video! Thank you my friend.? Liked . Have a happy day.

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