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Disney Vacation Planning Under $1,000 Per Person | Affordable Disney Vacations | This or That

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Are you wanting to take a trip to Disney, but you’re worried about the cost? In this video I show you that you CAN go to Disney for 6 nights and 5 days affordably! I break down the average cost of your hotels, tickets, and food for a 5 day 6 night trip to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Watch First Time Disney Trip Tips & Tricks like I mentioned in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_gmX5YyLfY

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kd kd says:

Go to Disney stores outside of the parks discounts to live for we always do vacation homes

Turtleandsheepinajeep Inajeep says:

Can I have a cheap trip while using the Disney dining plan? What plan should I use?

Turtleandsheepinajeep Inajeep says:

418th like, I subscribed

LitLifeWithLauren says:

Currently trying to plan a trip on a budget…. This is super helpful!! You're also so cute haha I subbbed πŸ™‚

FamilyFun TV says:

I start planning a year in advance that way it doesn't seem like you're forking over alot of money at once. You pay as you go and it's not that bad doing it that way. Plus I get a 5 bedroom 4 bathroom condo 5 minutes outside of Disney and We drive the 13 hours instead of flying.

Kailyn Stewart says:

All star hotel as in the Disney themed ones?

cloudzinmyize says:

Please don't utilize Expedia or Travelocity , they book their airfare on standby. I have got burned with both of them. I booked non stop flights and they would not give us a seat , had to beg to get on the flight and then me and my two sons were split up. The airlines told us if we wanted to sit together we would have to ask passengers ourselves once on the plane. Book your flight directly with the airlines and then ask what is the earliest you can get a bording pass.

Abbigail Gutierrez says:

We stayed off resort for 11 nights 6 people, basically an apt complete with kitchen and washer dryer for 1700$
We got a super great deal on a car rental too. And we were able to eat there for breakfast, pack simple cheaper lunches and made dinner a few times there also. So much cheaper for a bigger family.

lizy rose says:

Hi. I am a teen who is opening a mouse ear shop. I decided to make this store to provide mouse ears at more affordable prices. It is my desire to provide a unique product that is cost efficient. Here is the link to my Etsy. You can also find me on Facebook. Thank you for your time. 😊https://www.etsy.com/shop/RoseEarCo?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Victoria K says:

We have up to seven people going at a time so it’s a better deal for us to stay in a condo a few minutes from the park. Kitchen, laundry and plenty of room for all for much less than I’ve ever been quoted to stay on grounds. Also we rent a car for a good price and get groceries so we eat in the hotel breakfast, pack a lunch, and then buy dinner in the park. Maybe someday when just hubby and I go we will get to stay on grounds. But we still have a blast! Nice video- thank you. :). I could be wrong but I think I heard Disney just changed it so even people staying in the park now pay for parking. πŸ™

mvass294evr says:

These are great tips. We are not DIsney novices and we go about 1-2 times a year. We have broken down the costs much like you did and made the comparison between staying on property (at a moderate) vs off property, driving vs flying, dining plan vs out of pocket. We have 4 in our family and we are going again for the 8th time in June since 2009. We figured out it was less than $150/day for us when we factored in all of these things. (We stay at PORS, fly in, and get the dining plan). We have made comparisons to other vacations that our friends have gone on and spent the same amount of money. For what they got and what we got for the same price, we got so much more out of it. Not only did we have a boatload of pictures to show everything we did (mind you we usually go for 7, 8, or 9 days at a time) people cannot believe we still go year after year. It is the ultimate vacation for us. We are never hungry, thirsty or lacking in our fun factor. There is always a place to relax if you want to be away from the parks for awhile and there adventures that can be done during the stay as well. We love Disney and many people say, "How can you afford to go every year?" We watch the sales, we watch for free dining, we watch the airfare (which is often times the deciding factor if we can go or not) and we also watch for how many days we can go (I am a nurse so sometimes scheduling can be a problem). So with all that in mind as well as this video, Disney can be done for less than $1000/per person. Even if you stay at a moderate resort, it can be done affordably.

Crystal&fambam says:

Cool info thank you

The Arcade Couple says:

Great information! Thanks this helps πŸ™‚

10,647,568 Views says:

Lucky for me , I have a Disneyland passport , I live near Disneyland , I go like every month , and not having to spend thousands of dollars lmaoaoaoa (besides the passport)

Crystal Rose says:

Dont even spend the money on the table service meals. It was awful and was warned by 2 families how awful it was.

Sandra the Disney addict says:

Staying on Disney means you have the Disney experience 24/7. That is the best.

Mizz Amy says:

Anyone do Airbnb or another company like this?

A Mom and Her Triplets says:

You have good presentation but this is just basic information you get from travel agents. Nothing most guests don't already know.

Charles Ramsey says:

I was divorced around 15 years ago and always go by myself. My kids have kids and they go with out me. BUT, I have been to both Disneyland and Disney world and do spend about 95.00 to 100.00 for a room on property and ride the buses from Hotels to the parks. At Disneyland I stayed at the Motel 6 newly refurbished for about 65.00 per night. At Disneyland I stay for 3-4 days because Disneyland is a three day park. Disneyworld I stay for a week, 7 days or 8 nights. But the more nights you stay your cost of each ticket goes down. I have not been for a couple years in Florida so I am sure Tickets are higher. I am now on Social Security since I no longer work so I have to be especially cheap! Thanks, for your video….I am 64 but my love for Disney is still burning in my heart! πŸ™‚

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