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Discover Peru’s Amazon Rainforest – Family Travel Adventures

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Discover the Amazon Rainforest in Peru with Travel With Kids Family Adventure Tours and G Adventures. Stay in a jungle lodge, learn about the local tribes who still hunt and farm. Trek through the rainforest learning about all the plants and animals in the trees and hang with a friendly parrot named Lola. More info at http://www.travelwithkids.tv for Family Adventure Tours to Peru and beyond. Travel With Kids Peru


Javier Luis Guevara Vera says:

🤣 nice trip

sporting north fair oaks says:


WastedLife says:

nice video 🙂 I am definitely going to check out your other videos 🙂

Sebastian Simpson says:

29:55 omg!… you did something that I would never do!!! 😮

Lol says:

PERU WON THE BEST CULINARY DESTINACION FOR 5 CONSECUTIVE YEARS. The World Travel Awards (WTA) have selected Peru as the World’s Leading Culinary Destination in 2016 for the fifth consecutive year……The “Oscars” of tourism have designated Peru as the best country in the world for gastronomy in each of the five years since the award in 2012. Peru has consistently beaten other culinary giants including China, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Thailand and the United States.The World Travel Awards announced the winners of over 150 awards at its 23nd annual awards show held in the Maldives on Friday.
“Without a doubt, this award which consolidates our position as a global gastronomic destination would not be possible without the joint work between the state and the private sector, an alliance that seeks to revalue the entire productive chain of this important industry in the country,” said a statement from Peru’s tourism board, PromPeru.
The statement added that PromPeru has recently graduated 50 young chefs to carry on the tradition of culinary arts and promotion of Peruvian cuisine abroad.
Peruvian cuisine including ceviche, Lima-style potato casserole and rice with duck has been championed abroad by celebrity chefs HE BEST OF THE WORLD such as Gaston Acurio, Virgilio Martinez and more over the last 10 years.

While Leading Culinary Destination was the only award Peru won on a global scale, the World Travel Awards selected Peru as South America’s Leading Meetings & Conference Destination and PromPeru as South America’s Leading Tourist Board in 2016.

The WTA’s most prestigious award, the World’s Leading Cultural City Destination, was presented to St. Petersburg, Russia.

“WTA was established in 1993 to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the tourism industry,” according to the World Travel Awards website. “Today, the World Travel Awards brand is recognized globally as the ultimate hallmark of quality, with winners setting the benchmark to which all others aspire.”

Rhys Waterman says:

that was so cool.! it's a dream for me to one day visit this place.

Sup! Kid's Cooking and Culture Show says:

Awesome video!!! We just subscribed! Thank you for sharing your adventure. We have a kids cooking show that teaches culture through cooking.We have a Peru cooking segment and culture field trip coming up! Check us out if you have a chance. 🙂

Megacrafterpythonkings says:

how did you like the bugs

Gabriel Garcia says:

really really nice video !

Wings in the Amazon says:

how amazing! we actually live in Iquitos, Peru and have two kiddos We also make family vlogs! check it out if you like!

Oscar Valdivia says:


Oscar Valdivia says:


klausweasley says:

The boys are getting big!

Jerry LaMere says:

Again I want to say thank you for another wonderful adventure. It’s because of shows like yours that I can see other places in our world that I’ll never get to see in person.

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