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Cut Your Holiday Expenses In Half With These Extreme Travel Tips | Extreme Cheapskates

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Follow penny-pincher Angela Leibee throughout her journey to Las Vegas with her daughter. She’ll be revealing her most extreme money saving tips for travelling such as wearing all of your clothes to save on extra baggage costs.

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David Cortez says:

Damn every cheapskate is actually smart and doesn't just use the fudging stuff like what ever it has a purpose

Argen Gaming says:

Ants: we are about to end this moms whole careeeer

The Happy Crystal says:

She is a sucky mom.

Jvkn says:

10min showers wtf

Zachary Morgan says:

It’s supposed to be 14 in a week

Zachary Morgan says:

2 showers in a week that is disgusting

grace poggi says:

can this mom chill with the normal stuff like let yo kids shower more than 2 days a week

MK Bunny says:

These people are so dumb even seem abusing to meπŸ™„πŸ˜§

intro Giveaways says:


Nicolas Gonzalez says:

I'm surprised she wasted money on printed pictures when she could've saved that money by just keeping the pictures in digital form

12marchgirl says:

Reuses a reused teabag to scrub dishes. Keeps the water running the whole time. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ You just ran up your water bill idiot.

Sp1cy says:

If zombie apocalypse comes she throw those milk cartons at them… thinking it will help.

Lauren Chavez says:

I’m crying in spoiled rn

alexandria carlisle says:

*face of disgust
"WiTh YoUr OwN mOnEy"
*looks down in despair
"…with my own money"
Thats fucked up like you cant get mad at the girl she was upset and embarrased they rode one ride and wore all their clothes at once like chill

Katie Wingert says:

Dad, thank you for not being like this

Tahnasha Harmer says:

why does sarah only get to take two showers a week πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

bor. f says:

Holy shit if I was the daughter I’d be counting down the days till I could get a job, like seriously that would be miserable

hobbit says:

the mom gave herself a turn on the go kart….really smh….

Flores says:

I would NEVER invite my friend knowing that my mom acted like that

Daisy e says:

Bono is expensive

GalaxyMelons says:

This ladies been watching troom troom

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