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Couple Sold Everything to Travel & Homeschool their 3 Kids | Family World Travel

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Meet the Vrapi family, an american family who decided to sell everything – their house, their cars, restaurants they owned – and travel all over the world in a camper van. They talk about the benefits of downsizing your life and of spending much needed time as a family.

Before, Kaleigh and Engjell used to work demanding, full time jobs, running several restaurants and barely seeing their kids in their everyday life. They have experienced the freedom it brings to get rid of a lot of junk and things you don’t really need, and they enjoy life so much more now. Their three kids, ages 11, 6 and 3, are now all home schooled and they often take them to museums, parks etc. to actually see the things they read about in their books.

The Vrapi family are currently traveling through the U.S., after which they will go to Europe and then Asia and Africa afterwards. You can follow their journey through their website: https://www.wheninrometravels.com/

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Down the Wrabbit Hole Travel says:

This would be amazing! I'd even settle just for going on about three trips a year with my family – nothing educates like travel does! You are inspiring! I do travel videos as well, now focusing mainly on family travel since I had my kids, and would love for you to swing by and connect! Happy travels!

A Wild Adventure says:

Massive admiration for your courage! Very excited to to see the sprinter adventure in Europe. 😀 Please let us know if you come to the UK.

Lady Jays Adventures says:

This is sooo INSPIRING! I totally support your journey and I'm a new subscriber. This is what I've been searching for… I am seeking a way to travel with my husband and two girls (age 10 and 7). Don't know where we should start. Should we take them out of school? How much do we save to start our travel journey? These are the things I struggle with finding my answers to.

Growing Up Without Borders says:

Wow guys that's great! We'll definitely be following your videos and seeing where you all went.

CNikalodeon says:

дети милашки ) я б так не смогла конечно, но ребята молодцы мне нравится их образ жизни. вышли за рамки и у них получилось !

julie cooper says:

.Amazing family……this is what life is about…living!!!

yopogio says:

Good for them!
Safe travels.

Libby Withnall says:

Looks like they are having an awesome adventure. What an amazing life.

YettaBonez says:

Your kids are wayyy too cute!! Enjoy your travels guys! Glad that I came upon you today bcuz I think that I'll subscribe to your channel now to keep up on your many wonderful adventures! #MarylandArea

annette fournier says:

If you hadn't worked like mad and acquired wealth and possessions you would have not been able to do what you are doing now. It takes a small fortune to buy a RV like that, pay for the gas it gulps, have a fund for repairs and then have enough to travel the world and buy another live in van to do it in after the travel expenses of getting to Asia and Europe for five people. You are not lucky. You have worked very hard and are smart. You were able to make a choice and through all the crazy amount of work you can now enjoy life in a way and on a scale few can. Very happy for you and your family. Success has served you well.

Lakesha Hennry says:

your oldest daughter have beautiful eyes like Jesus

Patty Sternjacob says:

How have I not seen you guys on YouTube before?? I live in Polson Montana. You guys had the restaurant in Bigfork right? Will be following you now. What a great family. Maybe you will hook up with the Knorpp family in Europe. They are leaving next mont.

Eudora Evans says:

$$$Congratulations on living!

Eve M says:

Good luck family!

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