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Costa Rica on a Budget | Cheap Travel Hacks | Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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I have had tons of questions about our Costa Rica vacation budget, so I hope this helps answer some of them! Here are my best travel hacks for traveling on a budget and EXACTLY how much money we spent on our whole trip! In this vlog we visited Manuel Antonio, one of the most popular places in Costa Rica.

first costa rica vlog: https://youtu.be/hUMfMg2Gr6o

Our Air BnB: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/30692191
get $$ of your stay with Air BnB: https://www.airbnb.com/c/kileed9?currency=USD

Places visited:
Playa Espadilla Norte
Gabriella’s Steaks & Seafood
Manuel Antonio National Park

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my name is kilee (key-lee). I am a wife, mom of 2 & an occasional hot mess. I like to make videos, make people laugh & travel to cool new places.

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Kilee Rainbow says:

thank you SO much for watching! Share this vlog on your Facebook or IG, send me a screen shot & I will enter you in to a giveaway for some free coffee 😉 who doesn't like coffee! (running from 3/4 – 3/6)

Maddiemeetsworld says:

I’ve been watching your channel since you first started it, and I have to say, your quality has vastly improved in the last year. You’re posting great videos!

C U says:

We just left Quepos 20 minutes away from mamauel Antonio.

Bolivia Life says:

YouTube needs more videos like these about traveling on a budget. Thank you!

Xavia A. says:


Courtney Allison says:

Your editing is so amazing girl! You are so inspiring with the way you enjoy life!

Sreya and Rayan says:

Costa Rica is so beautiful

Emily Desrocher Khozeev says:

Looks like a much nicer Air BnB than the last one! The plane tickets seem very inexpensive

Alma Gaffney says:

That sloth moved a bit faster than I expected! Pretty cool

Alma Gaffney says:

I haven’t been to Costa Rica since I was a kid. Thank you for sharing! Taking notes for a future trip 💕

The Real Stiltz Gang says:

Great vlog! is the 100-200 per night what each couple pays? Or is that the actual amount per night and then you guys split it with the other couples? lol sorry i get confused easily sometimes!

Ericka Elizabeth says:

Me at 10:32!

Ms. Bonnie Harris says:

So intresting

Hey Aimee Nicole says:

So fun! Love this vlog so much!

A Happy Heart says:

This is making me want to pack my bags and just disappear for a whole week lol

MomLifewithKay says:

Omg I’ve been wanting to go to Costa Rica 💗💗 thanks for sharing love

Sara Elizabeth says:

🙋 Notification Squad! I'm living for all the travel vlogs!🙌

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