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17 best cheap places to stay in Jamaica..
when you research cheap places to stay in Jamaica, all you will find are articles recommending hotel for $100 or higher per night. I am not sure what their definition of cheap is…….


Elite Jamaica Official Channel says:

If so, here is a playlist featuring Jamaican hotels and resorts.

Peta Eve says:

I notice that the owner of this page is very defensive. I may be naive but I don't think some of the suggestions given was meant to be disrespectful or in bad taste. You are very quiet spoken which is not always a bad thing… I understand the accent so where I might not need you to write the Nantes of places others might. I'm sure (especially given your enunciation of your words) that you intend for people of all ethnicities to watch your videos, including those who might be fairly new to the english language. I find that it would be awesome if you could put a list in the description bar of the name and location of these places. Mind me nuh seh inna dih video weh yuh a note seh tek how long fih edit… I said in the description bar. Another suggestion don't ask people to like or comment and when they do ask a simple question or give a innocent suggestion you are rude to them… Dat nuh mek nuh sense bossy. I did like your video I did find it informative. Bless up yourself same way.

Kwanna Collins says:

3:22, is this a joke?

Inga Lasko says:

Thank you so much for the information. Very very informative, I will never stay in a big resort again.
We Jamaican should support the local businesses. Thank you again.

12overlord says:

Not cheap no sa

ago wa says:

Me and my wife stayed at the rose hall Hilton I swear it was a real let down it was like a building site the food was not of a standard I expected the jerk huts was not real jerk chicken yuk the beach was a joke all 3feet of water to swim in .the water bikes and other beach equipment was for eye candy only as they said not for use .no real fruit juices only cordial we tried to go out from complex what a big mistake . But guess what? My wife tells me we are going to come back but this time it gonna be nigrel or ochie she is definitely gonna make sure we can chill in JA.i want Jamaica to be as nice as Barbados is .I am sure we will chill in JA?. I saved for years to go JA and the Hilton turned out to be shit for real.

Olivia Braimbridge says:

Thank you so much for this video. You save me alot!

Leslie Thompson says:

Sounds cheep, but are these places safe?

Shenelle Grant says:

thanks for the information and yes it is U.S. dollars. i will surely be a dry land tourist for the next 3 months

sexyb sexy b says:

Can you please send me address and phone number for the duran

sexyb sexy b says:

Can you please send me the info for reggae lounge in kingston

Ayyo Tube says:

Usually rich people go for vaction so $100 is $50 for them…

Bennett Stephenson says:

$ u.s. are Jamaican. dollars? Please explain properly. so the people can know. Please

Henry Mills says:

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theresa murdock says:

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Sharon Wynter says:

Thank u good information

donovan allen says:

You have to let us know what parish these hotels are?

acajudi100 says:

Please list the names of the hotels and the name of people and places. Thank you. Do this on all your videos, due to your beautiful accent.

Jennifer Rhone says:

Couldn't hear a word,wouldn't listing be better? ???

junior don says:

thanks for dat information

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