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Cheapest Hotel In London (The Hub By Premier Inn)

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Planned a little trip to London. Booked myself a budget hotel called The Hub By Premier Inn. Heres a review :). FYI, This isn’t sponsored or anything. Paid £30 a night for this hotel room!

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Alberto says:

"An air conditioner unit; for the UK you don't really need it." Are you kidding me? Oh and naming all crappy fast food chains was idiotic. Let me guess, you're a bloody yank!

Eva Vajda says:

Hey, I am Sorry to comment so late but I would really like to Have A link from the side where You found it. Because i cant find it anywhere. Please I would be so grateful.
Btw I loveeee your video 🙂

boimackhead says:

That's not fucking bad for £30

Jérémy Flusin says:

Anyone knows where I can find an HD picture of the map on the wall ?

Lunar Rae says:

I paid £ 120 for this doe

Yassin vlogs says:

i like it ,,,and are you sure is the real price ??

Siam says:

Where in London is this hotel?

radiomoths says:

I'm all about these small spaces. Looks rad.

Mihrab chowdhury says:

That hotel room is small but dope!

viƧhal says:

coooool B-)

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