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Cheapest flights in the World! (Google Flights)

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Googl flights has a deal to PARIS from LOS ANGELES for 400$!!!
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matthew mcbride says:

Problem is you most of time you go into bad airport with super expensive transfer and 2 hour transfer

Reh nert says:

So helpful!

Gabriel Flores says:


SolsticeShabaZZ says:

I'm somewhat of a dope so could someone explain round trip to me? Will the trip in total cost 400 or will it be an additional 400 to get back.

Pratiksha Jadhav says:

It was really nice video, thanks

Life is Life says:

Dude I love your videos keep it up and good luck in football DUDE YOUR AWESOME

Jaylin Allen says:

Thanks for this Conner! My friends and I have been planning a cross country trip and this video might end up helping. An explanation on finding places to stay/hostels would be awesome too

Chasing Adventures says:

congrats buddy! i hope to be where your at right now some day for me

Jorrit Broekhuis says:

your videos are from such amazing quallity keep on going man 🙂

Jorrit Broekhuis says:

you are such an amazing guy keep it up man! 🙂

god shiva my love says:

great video…helpful 👍 and also make a video for stay..hostels..room 😃

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