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Cheapest Destinations to Travel to in Europe

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Visit medieval buildings and even a castle that sits on a volcano all on a budget!
10- Florence
A visit to the Tuscan city of Florence in the center of Italy is not complete without climbing to the top of the Duomo (cathedral) and the view of the city and its surroundings from 375 feet in the air. When you have finished visiting the city you should try and spend a few days in the surrounding countryside of Tuscany where you can enjoy visits to some of the world’s greatest vineyards for a taste or two of some premier wines before having a romantic picnic for two with your partner. Traveling to Florence in August is 24% cheaper than visiting during June.
9- Krakow
Poland’s second city of Krakow is gradually finding its way into the tourism spotlight after several years of not being a tourist destination. It has recently been voted as among the top 10 of the world’s best cities to visit. The renaissance is largely down to a generation of creative thinkers linking the city’s new energy with its historical attractions. Krakow has several medieval buildings and some stunning architecture that survived bombing raids during the Second World War. It is a good place to visit for solo travelers and groups with July being a good time to visit.
8- Berlin
Berlin is at its busiest during the month of August which is also one of its most affordable months. During August Berlin really does come alive with events such as the International beer festival that attracts large crowds of international visitors. Other attractions in Berlin include the site of the former wall that divided the city for so many years, the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Zoo.
7- Edinburgh
Festival month in Edinburgh is during August when the city is thriving, accommodation is scarce and the city is at its most expensive. If you do not want to visit the city for the festivals then arrive in June when you can save 29% over the published August prices. The main sights here are Princes Street and the Royal Mile. Edinburgh Castle sits on top of a long extinct volcano and Arthurs Seat, the city’s second extinct volcano.
6- Dubrovnik
The cheapest month to visit Dubrovnik is during June and the city on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia is a great location for families to visit. Dubrovnik is a fantastically preserved medieval city with narrow historic cobbled streets, fortress and walls. You might want to take the cable car to the top of the mountain for some stunning views over the city. If some sights look familiar it might be because the city is used for filming of the TV series Game of Thrones.
5- Bruges
The small city of Bruges in Belgium is like a fairy tale of wonderful architecture dating from the 13th century. It is a charming romantic city best visited by couples during July. When you have seen all the medieval architecture you can handle take a trip along one of the many canals that cross the city. Get your fill of Belgian chocolate or sit at a roadside bar and sample some of Belgium’s famous beers.
4- Barcelona
Taking your family to Barcelona offers great value at any time during the summer with August being the cheapest month by just 3% over June or July. Visit the city’s cathedral one of many buildings in the city designed by Gaudi. Visit La Boqueria market for some wonderfully cheap dining experiences and wander along the Rambles to experience shopping among the locals for some bargains.
3- Amsterdam
Lots of people visit Amsterdam for its party atmosphere and it does attract lots of groups for this reason. Away from this crowd the Dutch city has lots more to offer from strolling along the canals (or taking a boat), the world class Rijksmuseum and the popular Anne Frank museum. If you need some shopping to complete your trip then visit the Nine Streets district for your retail therapy.
2- Dublin
The Irish capital city of Dublin is famous for its export of Guinness and has a reputation for its wild parties attracting groups of young travelers to the city. Surprisingly it is also a great place for families. Dublin is home to the largest enclosed urban park in Europe located just to the west of the city center. Phoenix Park is a 1,700 acre complex containing gardens, a zoo, tree-lined boulevards as well as a tea parlor. While visiting Dublin you might also like to visit the children’s museum and its aquarium.
1- Lisbon
The Portuguese capital of Lisbon has long been considered a cheap destination as well as being a romantic one for couples to enjoy. In recent years it has emerged as a design Mecca with traditional artisans putting a modern spin on their arts and crafts. Shopping here you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to shoes, hats and jewelry. June is the most expensive time to visit here, 14% more expensive than a visit during August.
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