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CHEAP TRAVEL SECRETS! How I Travel Around the World on a BUDGET! 10 Travel LIFE HACKS to SAVE MONEY!

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Cheap Travel Secrets! How I travel around the world on a BUDGET! Top 10 Travel Life Hacks to Save Money 2017! These Travel Tips for international flights and other cheap travel tips will help you travel on a budget!




Hey babes! Today is another travel life hacks and travel hacks video! If you’ve ever wanted to know how to get cheap airfare, travel budget destinations, travel budget tips, international travel tips, cheap travel destinations and other travel secrets, these travel tips will help you out alot! These are some travel secrets you need to know and travel hacks airplane! These airplane life hacks and life hacks to save money will make international travel so much cheaper! If you’ve ever wanted to know how to travel around the world for cheap, these life hacks to save money will make it possible!


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Jack.i says:

I loved this video! We all want to see the world but don't have the luxury of an endless bank account to do so 😂 I've also done a video like this with some really cool apps you can use for huge discounts on travel! Sharing ideas with my fellow avid travelers ❤️ check it out

Juan Arreola says:

ima go on VK with ma fam this is usefull

シェリア Chelia says:

my next destination is idaho to meet my boyfriend's family! im also a college student from canada and these tips helped so much considering the weak canadian dollar! we took a vacay to florida in june and made some travel mistakes like using my credit card instead of cash on food & etc😑

Rosanne Fonseca says:

The first time I saw ur video on summer outfits I just knew that this girl is gonna solve my doubts on myself. So a big big thanks.

Rosanne Fonseca says:

The first time I saw ur video n summer outfits I absolutely knew that this girl is gonna solve body problems.
So a big thanks.

ly phan says:

hey everyone, travel is so great, i love to do that. By the way Im from Ho Chi Minh city in Viet Nam. If you have a chance to go there, you can contact with me, Im very appreciate to become tourguide for you ( free)😀. My phone 0971759161. Email: phanly345@gmail.com. Facebook: 0934028504. Hope to meet you soon!!! Friend in the world🌍

Tata Alvarez says:

ur videos always make me feel happy and upbeat

MacKenzie Cook says:

what travel credit card do you use? I really need one but not sure what one I should look into getting!!! thanks 🙂

Frozen Bus Channel 魔雪巴士頻道 says:

Always research bus information for wherever you go. Buses are cheap and will save you a lot of money. ゚[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]。

Mackenzie Manning says:

I'm going to South Carolina in a week to visit my grandparents ❤️️

Ariel Pulis says:

Congrats on the engagement/marriage 🙂

babyateagirl says:

Where did you get that pink dressing you're wearing when WE click on the video ? It's georgous ! Sending you sun from Tahiti.

Hawie Bulcha says:

Excuse me did just say 39 for a flight??????? Omfg

Denise Douglas says:

Great tips!!!


Great tips found this video so helpful I've subscribed hope to see more videos like this. Me and my girlfriend have our own travel channel would love if you could check it out and subscribe!

Maria Ayala says:

I love travel and I meet new places

Jala says:

I LOVE your travel videos PLEASE make more!!!

Josée Pelletier says:

Montréal, Québec, Canada 🎉🇨🇦

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