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Cheap Travel Hacks & Tips – Ify Yvonne

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Cheap Travel Hacks & Tips

My Travel Video on Packing

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Butterfly Girl says:

where'd you get that shirt👍👍

Stephanie says:

Can you book my flight to Texas?😭

Mma Nwankwo says:

How do you find friends to travel with?

Charyn Gee says:

Helpful tips & info as always. Thank you!!!

Hello KeKe says:


rUtH lOvE says:

Which is car rental company do you use ?!

ExploreList says:

Travel needn't be expensive. Like at the moment, I am in one of the world's most expensive cities, Tokyo, and I am travelling frugally, by finding small, cheap places to eat AWAY from the tourist hotspots, and walking, rather than using public transport (which isn't that expensive to be honest). Rather than eating out all the time I use the local supermarket and make myself little picnics so I can have a bite to eat as I'm exploring the city.

Annesia Simmons says:

Hi can u do one on visiting Africa and how to cut costs for flights

nessa28socute says:

Love you Ify and I'm probably not the only one who clicks like before the video even starts 😂😂😂 can't wait for more if your summer videos and vlogs..💕💕

Tiffany Gray says:

Love this!!!! I LOVE to travel and these tips are great!!!!!!😘

Tashaxo419 4life says:

Can't stand Spirit. I never ever want to have to use Spirit Airlines.

Shanda Maya says:

love ya blog,great vlog

GODDESSTaurusSunLeoMoonAndRising Its Litt says:

Frontier is apart of delta so they're ok. My cousin's wife is a FA for spirit and I've never ridden on it. Heard many complaints so I won't be doing that one. I love delta. United is an ultimate hell nah. American the FA's were heffas so I won't be using them much. I want to try a southwest flight one day. I just was on megabus earlier going to Atlanta. It was ok. I won't be doing it going to NYC anymore because it was a struggle. It was really cheap though. $21 compared to $51 on greyhound. Amtrak was a joke. I was going to take it going to VA and they wanted like $200 plus the route was crazy. It had me going from Atlanta to philly then back down to Richmond. What sense that made idk😒 you can also get discounts on flights, hotel, attractions, etc through your job affiliations like military, medical field, education, etc. so check with your job

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