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CHEAP THAILAND HOLIDAY: 5-STAR PATTAYA HOTEL Review – is this the BEST hotel in Pattaya Thailand?

The hotel that i stayed at was the Brighton Grand Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. It’s address:

Address: หมู่ที่ 5 666/66 ถนน นาเกลือ Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

On the map, it is a fair bit from some of the more popular Pattaya tourist destinations such as the Pattaya walking street, and the Pattaya beach road, and the Pattaya Terminal 21 mall – however the Brighton Grand offers a complimentary shuttle service which makes it a lot easier to access these places.

Thailand is honestly one of my holiday destinations in Asia. Known as the ‘land of smiles’, Thai people are incredibly nice, the food is incredibly delicious, and a luxurious holiday there is incredibly affordable.

I decided to splurge a little on my trip to Pattaya Thailand and stay at a 5 star hotel. What i usually do when looking at hotels/ deciding where to stay is to of course take into price, but also location, and how they’ve been rated by people who’ve stayed there before. I do end up going on a range of hotels booking websites such as Trivago, Hotels.com, Booking.com, Agoda and of course, Airbnb to look for the best hotel at it’s respective price point.

I ended up booking the Brighton Grand Hotel in Pattaya Thailand with Hotels.com because i found a coupon code online that gave me a small discount. Additionally, the great thing about Hotels.com is that if you book and stay 10 nights with them, you actually get 1 free night equivalent to the average price of the 10 nights you’ve paid for.

The cost of Brighton Grand Hotel in Pattaya was $325 USD for 5 nights, i.e. it was $65 USD per night.

I was sharing with 2 other friends, and we got 2 hotel rooms between 3 people – one hotel room was a twin bed, and the other (the one i stayed in) was the King bed.

This ended up being $130 USD between 3 people,
i.e. it was $43 USD per person, per night.

We could easily have had a fourth person stay without adding to the total cost, which wouldve brought down the cost per person to $32.50 USD.

Just gotta make more friends i guess. lol jk,….

hope you enjoyed my pattaya thailand vlog!


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CHEAP THAILAND HOLIDAY: 5-STAR PATTAYA HOTEL Review – is this the BEST hotel in Pattaya Thailand?


Janice Fung says:

How do you usually search for accommodation? Please let me know if you have any tips on how to save money when doing so!

Sasi Yarlagadda says:

One way to get cheaper accomodation is book flights through Expedia (or the like) and then you get discounted hotels too.

Matthew Wong says:

I usually use a mix of hotelscombined and Agoda. A lot of times, when I book for Singapore, Agoda will always have daily flash sales at a decent tier hotel that makes it dirt cheap, plus their customer support makes up for it totally, couple of times had payment processing issues, they actually called me here in Sydney still to sort it out.

feed meimei - food and travel videos says:

That's such a good price for that nice of a hotel! Def will keep this in mind if I'm ever going to Thailand!

Nick and Helmi says:

When i was in thailand i was staying at four points 😀 i like to stay near paragon mall 😀 lots of eateries and shoppin areas, market too 😀 but that time i was travelling for work so didnt have much to explore haha

Nick and Helmi says:

Gym after too many padthai.. it will def be a toilet trip for me hahahah

Nu Yoo says:

you should have explored the ballroom floor…make it into a ghost hunter parody video XD

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