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CHEAP SPAIN HOLIDAYS: Spanish Golf Breaks for Less than £300! (3 Nights + 2 Rounds MINIMUM)

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For more information about the Spain Holiday Sale, click here: https://www.yourgolftravel.com/promotions/spain-on-sale


For sun, sand and sangria, you can’t beat Spain for a golf holiday.

Rory and Ian, who has sold Spain golf holidays for over 10 years, pick their Top 3 Spain Holiday layouts boasting AT LEAST 3 Nights + 2 Rounds of Golf, from £300!

If you’re looking for discount golf trips, this is the video for you.

For more information about golf holidays, speak to Rory by emailing raymondo@yourgolftravel.com or tweet / message him on instagram @YGTRory

To avoid talking to Rory, email Ian at ianp@yourgolftravel.com, and we’ll hook you up!


Garry Peck says:

Like the look of a few of those mate, the flights included makes for some incredible deals ! What would happen if I was interested for two couples, only two playing golf while the wives sunbath/shop etc

jimbofatplum says:

oh dear…8 years eh?…long time playing golf around the world….then theres me, 40 years of laying bricks……thats 40 years of seeing mens arse cracks 3ft from my face!
watch on right wrist??

Tea Bagging says:

What course was the drone footage of (2min 20 Secs in video)? Was that South Carolina or a course in Spain? Looks amazing

Rob Biles says:

If any of those flights are from Down Under Ray I'm in. Please tell me you were wearing those orange shorts with that orange and black number.

Thomas Pettersson says:

I strongly recommend Villaitana – the par 62 is really fun and simply stunning!

Mitch Morris says:

Flights included from Australia 🇦🇺 bruh lol 😂 ⛳ 🏌️ 🙃 👍

Gary Burns says:

Flights included? London flights only?

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