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This video I discuss some of the military vacation deals you can expect when joining the military.

If you want to find a local list of prices feel free to google “navy mwr itt” and your corresponding military installation and you will find a list of destinations and tickets offered.

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Pilot Skippy says:

Great video and information Nick.

I don’t know if you’ve signed up or even heard of VetTix.org. They are a non profit organization that offer free tickets to all kinds of events to, active, retired, veteran and surviving family of KIA’s and its free. Free to sign up and free tickets to shows, sporting events, concerts, etc… I’m not an employee of VetTix. I’m just a NavVet who has gone to some great concerts and Oakland A’s game being a member though.

Carly Gray says:

It's been a pretty awesome discovery the discounts. My wife and I are stationed out here in San Diego as well. We've been trying to go to Disneyland and a Padres game for a while… So far the only military discounts we've taken advantages of is the ones for the Zoo and Safari park… and del taco haha.

Eve Lor says:

Can't wait to take my kids there 😋

Kappa Nonamé says:

nicky why didn't you mention the soaplands ? thas like disneyland to a lonely seaman

Always Adventurous says:

When I subscribed to this channel, you had 6k subs. Now you have 12k+ I love to see channels grow as yours has, guarantee you will pass JTsuits no prob haha. Keep it up Nicky you boot! Lol!
P.s. Don't bring back the "stache" it's just fucking creepy man.

DwkVideos says:

Trash as always


Sorry the audio is a little messed up. I knew it during my editing but I thought the content was good enough to keep it up!

Shelly May says:

Those transitions lmao

Cindy KNOWS says:

The audio is messed up dude!

Timothy Halleran says:

Great video man. This was a topic I was curious about, thanks for giving advice + info!!

Ice Distroyer says:

My friend is getting a hotel super close to Disney at Florida for 600 that includes tickets to the different parks ( one per day and includes 5 ) plus free breakfast for a total of like 7 night and 8 days

nicholas stults says:

I hope your family had fun and made the most of the time spent together; Again, thank you for all the years and missed opportunities you sacrifice while standing guard. That goes for your family as well. I am sure they are very proud of how much you've grown but are glad to know there is still the kid they know and love still exists. Thank you, Sir. (I've never been to a, Disney park before; I'm jealous)


Sea World… FREE. Check out the MWR and ITT! also, for single sailors or service members, most have xboxs, TV's, movies, computers, and other things to do if you are bored and don't feel like spend too much money

mcdonaldswarfare3 says:

Love u long tim

Matias Laner says:

Take me to Disney world lets hold hands and watch the fireworks together 😉

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