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Cheap Hotels- Thailand $8.00 per night!

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Everyone wants to know how cheap Thailand is and if there are quality places to stay for close to no money. This is one of them.

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Yups Trips says:

thanks, nice

omar B says:

too good to be true!

MrVeesworld says:

sadly I am not living there at the moment but I vowed to come back again and again and again haha. when are you planning a trip there??

Marie Many says:

Did you get immunizations before you arrived in Thailand? Seriously??

Mate Petrovics says:

saving money on a holiday? funny guy



Troll Face says:

cheap charlie

David Welsh says:

but do the mosquitos bite white people???? I didn't realize only $8 bucks… nice…..:)

Ken Schwarz says:

what was the name of hotel and WHERE is it?? Thanks so much!

Sander van der Hoek says:

Niet slecht! Thanks :)

David James says:

Awesome video!

Binney Nathong says:

Wow in california I live in a motel $500 a month I would rather stay in thailand.oh r those your computer?

James D3 says:

I love Thailand.

Power Yoga Evolution North Anodover MA says:

i think this is right for me.

Alittleglimpseofmylife says:

so you see almost every city in holland 🙂
btw i've been 2 times in thailand and its my favorite country!

MrVeesworld says:

I use to live ijn Amsterdam in the Pijp!! Also been to Rotterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Harlem, Broeklyn, Nijmegen, Friesland, Scheneveningen, and the rest of Netherlands. Ik hou van Dutchies!
Tot Zens! 

Alittleglimpseofmylife says:

Ok try it 🙂 btw my name on instagram is wouter38

greetzing from the netherlands. and i love your vids . also the one in chiangmai the headwear store 🙂

MrVeesworld says:

No I have yet to try instagram

Alittleglimpseofmylife says:

btw do you have an instagram account?

Alittleglimpseofmylife says:

boom boom boom you're doing your business :))))

acajudi100 says:

Happy I am a brownskin grandma! lol Have fun guys! Izzy has you hooked Mr. Vees, and that is great. My late husband was 22 years my senior. Women need to marry older men, but older men with sense.

acajudi100 says:

Men will be men lol I am glad i am a moral woman. I am more into helping with both hands, and I feel my brown American men are the best, when they want to be.

acajudi100 says:

Thank you so much! You are God sent. Do not forget to watch my videos on YouTube also. My #1 concern is to stop the Chicago killings. I am so sad about the craziness and killing fields, that I will not address it in a video again, but God will still the Chicago waters and anyone or anywhere evil exists! Let go and Let God, unless it is brought into your face, then a dirt nap. from a very decent and respectful Chicago OG!

acajudi100 says:

Sounds great. I am going to donate all my stuff to the schools and The Salvation Army, including my van. I am going with my laptops, and my pad/pod/phone. I took one small bag to Bali, so i know we take too much. I could rent a home or an apartment, but I will try the minimalist lifestyle, when I move to Chiang Mai. You are not cheap, but smart. Thank you so much.

acajudi100 says:

You will get a wonderful donation for all this great information. Many people on here, want to sell the 411, and will only tell you so much. I do not deal with Paypal, but I do deal with cash. Charles Schwab has ATM debit cards, where you do not have to pay foreign transaction feesand you get local money. The ATMs on the ground level are great in Carreford Mall. Singapore Amarak is a great place to eat across from the ATMs. Fast foods are more expensive in Bali, than here. 

acajudi100 says:

Great! I was trying to build up miles with Korean Air, but they will have to do some explaining first. Case under investigation, so I cannot talk about it, except to say more people of brown skin need to educate some of their flight staff.

acajudi100 says:

I will check them out. Thank you so much and much respect to and for you and Izzy.

acajudi100 says:

Thank you. I heard November and December are the best months for weather.Wat would you say Mr. Vee? I know July and Aughust was great for Bali, and September was heating up, but springlike in July and August. Acapulco was best for me in February and March.I visited the Costa Chica, was like being on Chicago Southside years ago. Cuahiniculapa is about three hours from Acapulco.

acajudi100 says:

You are the best! I have to pay over $1200 per month for my place in USA, and since I am retired, it is crazy to stay with all the killings and the disrespect. I love my country, but they need to follow Singapore methods of dealing with killers. I had planned to retire in Acapulco, but the killings are off the hook there also, plus hurricanes and earthquakes. I have the itranslate app for all languages.

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