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Cheap Hotels | David Mitchell’s Soapbox

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David Mitchell talks about cheap hotels.
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David picks up on British reservations about calling hotels ‘cheap’. But cheap is good is it not, so why not say it?

David Mitchell, star of UK TV favourites Peep Show and That Mitchell and Webb Look, brings us his unique perspective on the issues facing men of the world today.


dndboy13 says:

I had to have my vestigial ballroom removed

GunFun ZS says:

We've the same problem in the USA.


That fan is spinning the wrong way…

tnerb tnerb says:

Well David, "cheap" can imply a host of negative connotations about a business…maybe "inexpensive" or "frugal" would be better choices for your argument.

Padzilla says:

I don't expect them to run me a bath, I just want to eat some chocolate off my pillow like a normal human being.

Mission Multi Media says:

Lenny Henry is the frontman for Premier Inn, NOT Travelodge.

Niamh O'Connor says:

Wow this is the David Mitchell's Ranting Channel <3

Siskin's Bits and Bobs says:

When I went to my first night as a student in Leeds, I got a taxi to the B&B I would spend the night in. The taxi driver took some callous delight in telling me that the street the B&B was located in, was where they found the Yorkshire Ripper's last victim. I didn't get murdered, but I did notice that the fish tank in the lounge had 2" of fish shit swilling around the gravel. The breakfast was reheated sausage and bacon. Again, I didn't die.

segould says:

I wonder what David's parents think of this. They were both hotel managers. That probably influenced his decision to talk about this.

nlomas says:

lenny henry promotes premier inn

Chris Stehlik says:

I stayed at a Premier Inn one night. it was a decent night's stay. Not bad at all especially for the price. And a real shower in a country where hotels closets converted into showers and not uncommon in the cheaper independent hotels.

HeadphonesLady says:

Travel Lodge is not nicer than you'd think. I actually slept on the floor once, the bed was so hard and lumpy. I think someone had stored a body in the mattress.

TheJamesRedwood says:

No focus on purpose?

orange42 says:

how could they shoot the entire thing out of focus

Klashorian says:

We do it this way in the States too, and it does still mean the exact same thing.

Chowder Stevens says:

His axcents funny, were in America is he from? Alaska! Us in Texas dont sounds like that

Jivan Scarano says:

Why pronounce "Formule" phonetically, and then go on to pronounce "Travelodge" as though it has two Ls?

Warrior Son says:

Where I'm from cheap things and services are called "budget".

Kyle Netherwood says:

A tenner? Is that possible?

Ionlymadethistoleavecoments says:

How have I not found this amazing channel sooner?!

Bill Wiltfong says:

A pwaro? Not a taggert? Oh goodness, now we're talking.

Alexander Sunderland-Bragg says:

what about a youth hostel isn't that the UK and Europe's cheapest hotels/accommodation.

gurrrn says:

Lenny Henry advertised Premier Inn, not Travelodge.

allways28 says:

the coffin hotels in tokyo sound fun, and they kinda are, and they are a bit cheaper than normal hotels, but they also have shitty curfews so we didnt use them much.

Redexn says:

David Mitchell's vocabulary never ceases to impress.

fridaythe14th says:

I guess if you were bringing a date to a hotel for one reason or another (probably not a good reason), you wouldn't want "cheap" to be in the name, but both "express" and "nicer than you'd think" works.

quosmo1 says:

"nasty horrible lovely burger" sums up exactly how i feel when i eat fast food lol

Stan Dando says:

I agree, and love the writing, but would like to insist that its pronounced PoiROT not POIrot. Its not pronounced poi 'roT', that would be a travesty and youd need to wear a bell under your chin in punnishment. But of course, French references are too common in English, and frankly I find them a bit passe.

ghostmadlittlemiss says:

So apparently I commented on this 4 years ago. I presume it was when I was getting my eyes lasered (a gift from my grandparents) as that was the last time I stayed in one of those hotels. Even they're out of my budget now. Hostels or a very cheap B & B. Otherwise, I stay at home.

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