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Cheap Hotels and Massage Area in Pattaya

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Great cheap area in central Pattaya: guest friendly hotels and cheap massage parlours.
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PattayaRandom's Cat says:

New Video► https://youtu.be/81nCVHI7tTs

Aki Mkyma says:

why don't you show shower & bath room??

wayne Last says:

There are some decent cheap hotels, but most will not have an in room safe. It’s been known that breakins to steal your camera and laptop can happen. My experiences were under $50 per night generally may not have a safe but verify for yourself.

Yogobit Chatterjee says:

That girl was wife material
Haven't seen such a beautiful girl in Pattaya

Abubacarr Drammeh says:

i want to go to pattaya but i don't know anyone there can you help me? i am living in Kuala lumpur

Topless Girls Great Tits Milf Pussy Licking Videos says:

400 would be a good deal. 😎

MaKos2004 says:

Too many indians in pattaya to have fun.. pattaya going down

Sudhir Kumar says:

I went go Thailand

Chelsea tv says:

For that price bed would be in a backstreet near rubbish bins you are on cracking

vishnu nair says:

Can I get contact number of hotels if u have

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