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CHEAP Holiday GIFT Ideas

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(OLD VIDEO) a Last minuet HOLIDAY Gift Guid with some Giveaway Notices!
Happy Holidays!! NEW Videos MON-WED-FRI! Don’t forget to subscribe! http://bit.ly/1IWFg3V



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Latasha F says:

i sooo have to get my hair that color for the new year. its so nice w/ your complexion.

AfroTee says:

Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2012!!!

Destiny Godley says:

@EbonyAngel82 J/k Lancome Teint Idole and I have a video for my lipstick Look at my lips #1 Red Lips with Purple Liner 🙂

Destiny Godley says:

@EbonyAngel82 Nope! haah!

watchingvids2015dm says:

found your video on africanexport's blog absolutely love the ideas say hi to your new subbie:)

Queen Sugah says:

Loved the purple decorated tree!!!!!!!

TheSilvy1975 says:

you are always very kind….
Abig hello from Italy

TeaNZane says:

Love your tree 🙂 and it's a great idea for a stocking stuffer especially the princess basket

ordinaryartist says:

lol @ lipstick on the bottle….the only way to drink wine lol

Tijerkinbarbieqwuenn says:

what kind of hair is that

EbonyAngel82 says:

PLEASEE tell us what foundation and lipstick youre wearing. PLEASEEE!!!

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