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CHEAP holiday decor! (and a really cute baby)

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I buy my dream sweatpants (do other people have dream sweatpants or just me…) Go to the gym THREE times and haul some super cheap Christmas decorations.

The AMAZING (but overpriced) Sweatpants:

Julianna Brewer
P.O. Box 690879
Killeen Tx 76549


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Happy Little Elves by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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plzur_kspot says:

I watch kkandbabyj everyday XD jesssfam kkbabyj and you are my daily grind XD

Sue Wines says:

I love watching you guys especially the hauls I loved the Christmas decorations

Jacqueline Hunt says:

So lovely to see Stella with her daddy she's so beautifull like her mummy.

Hettie Byrne says:

Stella's starting to look more and more like you <3 <3 so beautiful! the end of the vlog was so cute! Also impressed that you're going to the gym, cant seem to find any motivation haha Love from the UK Xx

jenn batman coffman Coffman says:

I was pregnant and a year ago sometime with my cancer and I lost the baby . So thank you for your family she like my little angle keep making videos .so I can see her sweet face .bless your family.

Liz W says:

"Yaaay–oh no. Nonono" XD

Cindy-anne Reed says:

Thank you for sharing Stella. She's gorgeous

Paula Ann says:

Stella knew exactly what to do with the guitar. So cute!! music is good for her.

Joyce says:

I am an avid watcher of Keren & Khoa. They have the sweetest family and relationship for two people so young. I love little Landon and Jackson is so talkative now and so cute. Then there is little, chubby Sutton. What a little butterball he is, but they are all adorable. Speaking of adorable, Stella is so cute with the headband on. I think she likes shaking her head with it because she can feel the trees moving, which was exactly why I thought she would take it off. She is a sweetie.

Emily M says:

9:28 the way she looks at you is the sweetest <3

Victoria says:

What a precious moment caught on camera when Stella🎄& her Daddy👱 were playing guitar 🎸!!! I know most people are freaks about there equipment& wouldn't let a little one touch it…so sweet! Love your vlogs! xoxo Lots of Love from Southern Cali ✌❤😊

Casey'slifewithCP says:

You are adorable

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