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Cheap Holiday Crafts! – 2 Broke Geeks

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Get in the holiday spirit with some cheap and even free Christmas
decorations and crafts! From paper ornaments to a mobile made out of your action figures, Omar and Mia offer their top 5 fun crafting activities to use to decorate around your geeky abode.

Use this link (http://www.lootcrate.com/brokegeeks) and the code GEEKANDSUNDRY to get $4 off your first box!

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Mel Judson says:

I learned that Michael's sells all their christmas stuff at 50% off starting around December 15th. woot woot! 

Kristen Upham says:

I love near evergreens and I make my own wreaths and decorate them with my favorite fandoms https://twitter.com/thenerdymom1/status/539244430905987072

xveda says:

Just found this channel I am already in love with it 

Tim Coxford says:

Wreath Witherspoon! Best craft of the year.

MonarchsFactory says:

We used to paint pine cones all the time at Grandma's place as kids, and I never knew it was a thing. I thought we must have just run out of paper or something. Then again, we also painted rocks, and I still haven't seen examples of that in the wider world…

PixieSiren says:

I remember when I was little we made mini Christmas trees by gluing sequins to the little prongs.

TwilightfanNumber says:

I recycled a used (used! I am not a book murderer!) copy of the book Breaking Dawn from the Twilight series and made kissing flower balls for my friends and of course some for me and they look so pretty on my tree. You can use any kind of paper (I made one for my friend's bf made from Archie comics) and they make great presents.  

Geek & Sundry says:

It's time to get crafty! The +2brokegeeks have some fun and super cheap crafts for this holiday season: http://bit.ly/1AzPiAO

PhixienVlogs says:

My favourite cheap holiday craft would be drawing on handmade cards… soooo cheap but so effective 🙂 Thanks for sharing this video, a lot of good ideas!

Kongar lives says:

looks at his hands with Amiibos
Nah, the only thing I have done for the holidays is create little monster paper figures for the tree.

Charles Stacy II says:

I love the way Omar stole Kiri's tag line 😉

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