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I made super cheap, super easy holiday gifts! And, in a surprising twist, I actually *tried* and they actually turned out *okay*!

Learn how to make tassel earrings:

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Eugene Elkin says:


Ruth A says:

grace has been getting better and better at diy's im getting worried

LastingSpirit says:

Wow you really tried oO and I like them!

athonia7 says:

“Personalized DEMIN Jacket” 😂😂😂

carmine 7890 says:

HeyUSA throwback! Yes!

Kelly Lim says:

i love you bitch

Measurably Insane says:

I’m not gonna lie…. I don’t hate this video…. I think you have found you calling, Comedic DIY YouTubing

KRōck says:

These are actually awesome

Carrloz says:

are you feeling okay? these are actually good! What happened?

Jacqueline GaNun says:

when that jacket is actually super cute

ftEmmett says:

Did anyone go back and pause to read what she wrote on the gratitude notes? okay, just me then….

Joel Quinonez says:

I'm surprised how nice all these turned out

Hallie Ramos says:

It's really bothering me that Grace only decorated three sides of that square jar. Shoulda put "My [or Our, if you plan to share with others] Bottled Up Feelings"
I still love you Grace, this video was fabulous ^_^

Angel Capoeman says:

slow claps the hell out of this video

Killer Croc says:

The minute I see a Grace DIY gift ideas, my mind goes "dick dick dick"😂😂

Simplify X says:

I actually want to make them all and give them to the same person 😂

Stefanie C says:

Why are these all low key cute

Ryan Luperena says:

"demin jacket"😂😂😂

artofvoice says:

You look so cute today.

omomoification says:

OK but she actually looks really, really good in that denim jacket…..rude! 🤣

Ilovewallykins I love you too says:

This video was not funny. It was also not made by the real Grace Helbig. I know that because she didn't mess up.

ELIE H says:

grace, please react to katy perry's new video, hey hey hey. it's sooooo… weird. got me really confused

Janelle says:


Ashley Van Slyke says:

I would keep most of these lol

Heather Clark says:

Might actually make the tassel earrings for gifts next year xD

Ruby Riddle says:

Am I the only one that would rather buy a super cheap plain notebook rather then buy a super cheap plain one and decorate it bc I'm lazy af

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