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Cheap Cruises Warning – Cheap Vacations and Flights Warning

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Cheap Cruises Warning, Cheap Vacations and Flights Warning. Be careful of the old bait and Switch that a lot of website’s use. They show you a great price to get you interested but by the time you are at the point of entering your credit card information something has changed. Maybe the price has gone up. maybe the OBC is no longer available, maybe those cabins are sold out but hey we have these ones for you. Here I talk about why you should be careful when looking at a discount website..

Have questions you would like an answer to you can email me at cruisingwithdon@hotmail.com

check out my agent website at : www.dterris.travelonly.com

check out these other videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C83IAbyEac&t=25s


Ar Mend says:

Can you please make a video on tips for getting into the travel business? Thank you. Iโ€™m addicted to your channel.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

watcher says:

Book with Don ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Chester Copperpot says:

Thanks for all your videos Don, Cheers from WPG.

Mary Elizabeth says:

Great ๐Ÿ‘ tips! Buyer beware. Gotta look at the details. I like to stick with reputable sites. Reputable sites will have deals, you just have to be patient.

Dawn Clark says:

Hi Don! Would you a video of you top favorite shore excursions?

Saved by Grace says:

I sometimes watch live webcams around the world, and I just saw something Iโ€™ve never seen before on this cruise ship dock in Florida. About 5 minutes ago they launched life boats, which went out and circled around back to the ship. I thought the drills were static. Have you ever seen this before? https://youtu.be/mpeS864lWKc

mrsnetrix says:

When onboard the cruise and they offer you discounts etc if you make future booking there and then is this always a good idea? Just incase I love my first cruise in May on princess? Thanks in advance x

Libby Shaw says:

This is one reason I tend to just book directly through the cruise line's website rather than through dodgy sites.


crafty alright. pays not to be a gullible customer.

CEA HOW says:

Hi, Don can you tell me you cruise solo alot and I know Princess does not have solo cabins available on there ships. when you cruise do you pay for double occupancy for your cabin or is there a way to get around that. thx

ExtraordinaryLiving says:

What!?!!! This all sounds like false advertising to me … if not down right scam! >:O
Yea, buyers beware !

Doc Hopper says:

Clear your browser between searches sometimes the price will go up the second or third time to look at a booking site

Android Apple says:

I use Orbitz or Kayak to check prices, but usually book directly with the airline. I book with Cruises who seem reliable and can always check prices with the cruise line. Havenโ€™t had a switcheroo problem, but prices arenโ€™t stable. Book when you see a good deal or at least reserve if you can later cancel.

Vonnie Bench says:

Do you find that "the rule of thumb" to book flights out 54-59 days in advance for travel for best prices to be true? I justย ran a search out 56 days from today for my destination to Ft Lauderdale, and the flight I've been looking for is almost $150 less than what I've been seeing. What have you found? I've been watching airfare prices for the last 3 months.

Ian Clement says:

Princess Cruises are notorious with this sort of thing. I have caught them out numerous times. It's called bait and switch which is illegal here in Australia but you have to catch them at it and then it is almost impossible to report them.

John Swinsburg says:

Good Advice, Don. Thank you.

Marigold14 says:

Vacationstogo does similar things

gregory jahn says:

very nice video and travel tip.

Katie Marie says:

This is GREAT information to have because let me tell you "what you already know", there are a LOT of scammers out there and I've learned the hard way experiencing a scam. :(….I now know better. -Thanks, Don and Have a Great weekend coming up ! ๐Ÿ™‚

jason B says:

I've seen this so many times

Disineyfreakz says:

thanks for the warnings ๐Ÿ™‚

bluetheta says:

That is the classic bait and switch scam. I have been aware for over 15 years that airfare is WORST than the stock market, if wild swings like that existed the feds would have disconnected the stock market ages ago. Here is a hack I recently been using I would find a low fare on the airline's website, so I am like OK, lets look at the higher classes (business, first), and I find the amount that I usually would pay and book it immediately; before their algorithm can realize it, I am booked and have confirmation at which point the regulatory 24 hours clock starts. Once the clock hits zero I am locked in and the airline can't use it "It was an error." clause. The last three trips I took was in FIRST class using this trick.

Sue loves cruises says:

Bait and switch is everywhere

Voice of reason says:

I had them try that on me with V2G cruise went up $500 from what was advertised

KarrenK says:

Hi Don I hear your cruising next month?

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