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Capsule Hotel Deals – Travel Cheap Surat Thani Airport, Living in Thailand Cheap Thrifty Living Blog

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Capsule Hotel in Surat Thani advertises rooms for 159 baht per night ($4.87). They offer a 200 baht bus ride to Surat Thani Airport (URT) and have wifi, making it a convenient place to stay if you want to check out the town sometime. Travel cheap!

I found a deal on agoda.com (check them out for great hotel deals) for 125 baht ($3.83)… talk about living in Thailand cheap!

Follow my expenses in real time! To track my cost of living in Chiang Mai, I created a Google spreadsheet detailing every baht I spend. See how much everything costs and get some frugal living ideas: http://bit.ly/ThriftySteve2017

Follow my Thrifty Living Blog! I’ll help you find cheap Chiang Mai food prices, cheap Chiang Mai apartments and more! https://www.youtube.com/ThriftySteve


Sean V says:

Steve, what happen to you? Why aren't you posting anymore?

MKR nallavan says:

You are looks like a diseases begger so this hotel is much better for you..

City Cycle says:

Anything like this in Bangkok?

Moniec, Milo & Miles Hayden says:

Where did you go? No post for 9 months?

Roger says:

What happen to Steve?


10 baht for water? That's expensive I usually get 6 baht water

gottaloveit66 says:

Hey Steve everything ok in your life mate? Haven't seen any new videos since this one! Hope all's well.

iloveyouamberappel says:

Hey Steve. Are you done with making videos? It's been a while

Jasmine Sanouvong says:

I just heard about Rob from his brother via social media. So very sad & i’m sorry for your loss. He was a very unique and fun loving person.

santa lofty says:

HI STEVE . CHRISTMAS soon NO more videos??????

Joseph says:

Love your videos Steve. Is there a way to avoid paying 2 months deposit if I rent an apartment for just 1 month in Thailand? If I get an apartment on Airbnb do I have to pay a deposit or electricity bills once I get there or it all included? Thankyouuyyy

Adventures of ‘Neric says:

Haven’t heard from Steve in 2 months…fuck it, Bangkok got him.

KevFar_Away says:

this comment is not connected to this vid. I'm currently in chiangmai. and the other day, i saw you on nimman road- you were talking to a pineapple lady. i coudln't piece together why you seemed familiar on the street. but it just clicked today that it was YOU!
if you're free i'ld love to meet and hang out

Craig Ross says:

Cool. Imagine if you came off one form of transport and later would be getting onto another form: what more do you want?

MrSafetyForever says:

Hi Steve, Hope all is well. Look forward to an update. Best Regards

santa lofty says:

NO MORE VIDEOS MR STEVE????? ( 25 11 2017)

Sam Stiglitz says:

Are you retired military?

Mr Bicycle says:

Fuck me dead thats cheap

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