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Cancun Family Travel Tips // Travel With Kids Cancun Mexico

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Cancun Mexico for families. Stay at Dreams Resort Cancun. Explore Mayan pyramids at lesser known Ek Balam (closer to Cancun, less crowds) rappel down into a fresh water Cenote. Learn the best time to swim with Whale Sharks. Hang out on chill Isla Mujeres, visit an aquarium and learn Mayan culture and history. Travel With Kids Cancun. More info at http://www.travelwithkids.tv


maleon2001 says:

The calendar Is from Aztec civilization, Not maya

Gerardo Sanchez says:

That was the Aztec calendar not the Mayan

sjjr8787 says:

Great job except for the haggling part. These hard working people have very little to begin with and yet you'd like to haggle to take even more from them? Not cool at all. Very disappointing to see all the tourism so eager to exploit these people to the fullest. .. I not only avoid haggling but even add a few extra dollars whenever I can. These people sure need the money more than I do… It is pretty awesome to be teaching your kids so much, would be even better if you thought them it not only is in bad taste to haggle here, it is pretty inhumane as well…

MOHD F M. N. says:

Travel with kids – Chiang Mai, Thailand


rob fay says:

whats all that cost wow kids are lucky do these things

Ally Spencer says:

How do you avoid getting sick from water,food,and germs

Daily Vacation Deal says:

What a fantastic video! Please hop on over to our channel where we post daily deals on locations just like this.

matt taylor says:

Wow. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

5691leslie says:

what tour company did u go with???

Ylmylm8989 says:

That looks fun I'm going there soon

Pepe Uddi says:

Great job in getting the kids involved in your production. Thanks for the presentation; it was very helpful for a parent like me who shares your enthusiasm for traveling with our young kids.

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