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Can you travel Bali with $100? Keeping Paradise Affordable

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Bali can be traveled very affordably BUT today, we put it to the real test. How far can we stretch 100 USD while visiting some of the best of Bali? From surf breaks in Uluwatu, coffee shops in Canggu, to the waterfalls in the north, this is how you travel Bali in 2018 on a budget.

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Uploaded – 2018

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Tarik AlAkkad says:

There's a world like that outside this office?

Tarik AlAkkad says:

4:42 I bet this roommate is a middle eastern. So friendly.

Bui Truong Son says:

is it true that U go to Bali only for 100 dola

hendrik tcukimay says:


Muhammad Usman says:

Excellent Vlog, but thought could've been a little faster paced. People start losing interest after 7, thats according to science, however it's not just supposed to be money centric but also journey centric, so somewhere in the between, i guess! Your call! 🙂

Yogi Iskandar says:

Real good…i love indonesia

Luc Schravesande says:

What is the missing file thing

Joseph Morrison says:

bagus means "good"

Bryan Enkhbat says:

I'm not happy give me back my 50.000 dollars

RGMG says:

Looking at Bali as a potential next vacation. Looking like updated vaccinations are suggested for Bali and travelers insurance (unexpected medical, etc.). Their suggesting 4-6 weeks vaccinations in advance of trip. Hmm..Bali might be out for me right now because wanted to travel by Mid April 2019. Curious if you typically update your shots based on where your traveling next…

TrueStuff says:

Thanks to this "awesome" and "cool" american narcissistic tourist, Bali is no longer that cheap…

Expreso Doble says:

We all need a Latina in our lifes

Damian Bujanda says:

Latina cute af

Alya Salma says:

Bagus🤙🏼indonesia bagus🤙🏼

vince pham says:

Sick sunglasses where did u get them ?

Ah Chuan says:

Thanks chris for showing his amazing journey to us. Damn bagus!!!

AllegedlySpiffy says:

9:06 missed opportunity: "wook at all these chickens!"

Darren Iannucci says:

Bagus mean good in Indonesia’s 👌😂👍👍

Violetta Stick says:

Thanks Christian! You don’t have a clue how helpful you videos are! Keep going! 😊🤙🏽

Jamey Lynch says:

check it doe https://bit.ly/2Frfysq

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