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CAMBODIA TRAVEL | From Koh Chang to Siem Reap | Cambodian Food, Cheap Hotel, Pub Street, Angkor Wat

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Cambodia travel, from Ko Chang Thailand to Siem Reap

The first part:
0:00 Thailand Koh Chang, travel agency, buying tickets to Cambodia
3:24 Koh Chang Kai Bae beach, Chang Park resort and hotel, the bus came to our hotel
4:30 Koh Chang pier, going by the ferry to mainland, province Trat in Thailand
7:25 Thailand, travelling to Cambodia by bus
7:55 Thailand girls in the shop, buying thai food and snacks
9:24 Cambodian border, travelling to Siem Riep
9:50 Cambodia Siem Reap, night market
11:20 Cambodia nightlife, Siem Reap Pub Street
11:38 Cambodian girls foto shoot on Pub Street in Seam Reap
13:15 Cheap Hotels in Cambodia, Siem Reap Hotel Day Day Inn is only 9$ per night
16:53 Cambodia Siem Reap nightlife, Pub Street Siem Riep, live music in the pub
20:15 Cambodia Siem Reap, cambodian girls cooking cheap cambodian food. This is the restaurant at Angkor Wat temple
22:39 Angkor Wat Cambodia, explorering temples
26:17 Siem Reap Cambodia trip, travelling by motorbike taxi along streets
29:29 Cambodian village, looking at wild lotus flwers on the field at the village
31:24 how to travel around Cambodia and Siem Reap; some episodes from Angkor Wat history; how much is Cambodian food and how to cook Cambodian or Khmer food; how look Cambodian girls…

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Свинот Потаскун says:

скоро всем визаранщикам в стране улыбок дадут смачного , крепкого тайского пинка

Mila Kay says:


Allistair Neil says:

Oleg, blyaad!

Daniel Wong says:

USD13 for fried rice and some meat for 2 is not cheap by any standards.

Jerry RN says:

How do you figure the charge for taxis, motorbikes and buses? Is it a flat rate, do they tell you prices before or after? Can’t they just scam you?

timothy haley says:

this is the first video of yours i have seen and its kinda creepy , why film so many women for as long as you do ,its one thing to get a quick clip of somebody but to sit there film somebody for 20-30 seconds or longer is pretty weird , even when girls were turning their head to avoid being in your shot you continued to move around them while focused on them , when they obviously did not like it ,,,, #pervert #weirdo

Michael Feehily says:

new sub. looks good.

Tony Chen says:

what a beautiful temple inside jungle, I hope these temples will be preserved just the way it's for another thousands years.

ciro lucca says:

3600? Wtf! but the Girl in Red,such a lovely smile one!

Sam Jirschele says:

It is rude filming only because it's a cellphone but because it's a cellphone you capture people how they really are. Objective and true filming is hard to achieve so by that standard I say you did a good job. Salute from Wisconsin America. Doesn't look like a place I would want to go.

Arron BW says:

Filming a stranger eating and paying for some thing is rude!

Scott Gibson says:

Definitely some beautiful women there..

Scott Gibson says:

as a USCG licensed captain,I actually could drive the ferry. Your english is excellent,but it’s obviously not your native language..As a former middle school teacher,I would be willing to review your text for phrasing,and grammer.Not meaning to cause offense,but merely trying to help.Thak you for the video.

zxcvb bnm says:

I have been in Thailand many times. How about Cambodia is it safe country?

Monny Pat says:

please read more about this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angkor_Wat

Blue Beam says:

Thanks for your time to make this beautiful video

Fahed Althepp says:

Thank you for sharing your story

Vasya Tihonov says:

Stupid Russian

Rod Lafleur says:

Too much travel for an old fart like me. I flew into phnom penh and explored the city. In fact I would fly all over Southeast Asia. You smoke and drink so you will be slowing down soon.



Hugo Oliveira says:

the guys is too perv .. loooool

Philip Janek says:

Pol Pot took the heads of Khmer ppl and the statues heads for the Khmer gold. Anyone that has any kind of knowledge knows this. Pol Pot was as bad as Stalin or Hitler! All Dictators without any respect for humanity.

Derek Morgan says:

the music is so relaxing too.

Otto VonHamburger says:

1.) I'd go to Cambodia to purchase a wife. 2.) I don't think the guy was "teasing" you for filming him. I think you're lucky he didn't karatecize your ass. 3.) The land in Cambodia is red. I guess that the 'rouge' in Khmer Rouge.4.) at 30:45, that may be the skinniest chicken I've ever seen. It looked more like a road runner.

devilz reject469 says:

temples need power washing…the women are so beautiful

Ansari Santos says:

Dude…believe it or not the band is 100% Filipina…hehehehe

kust j says:

beautiful singer

Jaideeman says:

gave it the thumbs down only because you shouldn't be recording people who are taking pictures. You were filming chinese ladies for a long time Give them some privacy

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